Friday, July 3, 2009

Dog Days of Summer: Dehanna Bailee Book Excerpt

Earlier today you got to read a couple of reviews paranormal author Dehanna Bailee has already gotten for her newest novella, For Better or Worse.

Dehanna also generously agreed to give us an excerpt from the book! (Dehanna points out that most of her books are rated R for adult situations and mild language.)

Feel free to enjoy this sampling of her work and comment afterwards anytime from now until 3:30pm tomorrow afternoon (EST) to be entered in this week's random comment contest (the content of your comment must relate to Dehanna, her book, her reviews...). Learn more about the contest and prizes at the end of Dehanna's excerpt. Enjoy!

From For Better or Worse (this short excerpt is where Sandra runs into her "hot-on-the-prowl" ex-boyfriend at a convention):

She paused, running the fingers of one hand up his jacket as if to straighten his lapels. “Look, I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other but I do have other reasons for attending and I don’t want anyone to think--”

“Think what, Sandra? That you’re enjoying a wonderful evening in the company of an old friend? What wrong can come of that?”

An intimate image came to mind. “I can think of--”

“As can I, but even if I’m a creature of the night, I’m still honorable. I won’t go beyond the bounds you set.”

“Yes. I know. It’s just...”

“What? You don’t know if you’re the one who can keep them?”

Kahne pulled away, a shining gleam of humor tinged with desire surfacing in his deep green eyes.

She bit her lower lip then dropped her gaze. “Things aren’t like that anymore.”

He lifted her chin with his knuckle. “Are they not? I’m no fool, Sandra.”

She stepped away from him. A chilly breeze encircled her, dousing some of the heat. His attraction was magnetic. He could have any woman he wished for but it seemed his heart was still hers, just as it had been so long ago. Yet, things had changed. He’d been reassigned overseas. And the long distance relationship simply didn’t work for her. She wanted consistency. Regularity.

Sandra paused at the edge of the rail, letting her gaze drift out across the vast expanse of mountains. Seeing the endless places to roam before her made her itch to explore the wilds further.

Kahne came up behind and encircled her waist, planting a small kiss on her shoulder. His heat warmed her from the chill while her mind screamed a warning.

“Tell me,” Kahne whispered. “What is it he has that I don’t...”

Hungry for more? Dehanna's For Better or Worse is available as an ebook direct through the publisher,, as well as through,, and other e-retailers. (ISBN 9781934037539)

Okay, now please leave a comment here for Dehanna, a random roll of the dice will determine the winner of our comment contest for the week. The winner will score a Bag o' Swag (man, I need to post the photo here).


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