Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dog Days of Summer: Diana Castilleja's Workspace

It can be a lot of fun to take a peek at another writer's space and author Diana Castilleja was enough of a sport to share hers with us.

When asked how often Diana writes, she said: As often as possible. Nearly every day. If I'm writing, my goal is 1K words, or about 4 pages worth. Often I can get between 2-5K on a rockin' day.

Please note what looks like Tums and Advil on the top shelf...

Yes, kids, writing can be stressful (and good writers are prepared for anything ;-).

Diana's favorite bookshelf--filled with a wide variety of paperbacks--

Diana named three of her favorite authors and was kind enough to explain why she feels they're amazing!

Christine Feehan - To me she is just the Queen of the paranormal. I love her Dark series (vamps) and was drawn to her Drake Sister series (magic and destiny) by my BFF. We now trade them. I've also read her Ghostwalker series, mental paranormal ability. So there's a little of everything in her series, including the shifters, the leopard series that she's bringing back to the fore.

Judy Christenberry - She's very sweet contemporary but I love the mellow tone of her books. Very good in between reads after reading the heavier, darker paranormals.

Vicki Lewis-Thompson - Straight up, it's her humor. I got hooked on the Nerds and just kept going.

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