Friday, July 24, 2009

Dog Days of Summer: Diana Castilleja's Book Excerpts

Special thanks to Diana Castilleja for providing us not just one, but two book excerpts from her Aiza Clan series! I asked Diana if she had a story that went along with the birth of these books, and she said:

...originally, I hadn't really planned on getting these four published. They were...much closer to me than most. I was heavily involved with the series and wasn't sure they'd be up to par. I soon found out I was being an idiot after a friend of mine read Delilah and smacked me through the computer! Let me tell you, those long distance smacks? Yeah, they hurt.

First, from Trusting Delilah...

"Hey, did you even go home?" Roman asked, snapping her thoughts back to the present.

"How long have you been there?" she shot back, perturbed that she hadn't heard him come in. Again.

"Long enough to wonder." He stepped in and her annoyed mood deflated.

"Please tell me one of those is for me," she said, eyeing the large steaming coffees in his hold.

"If you admit to how much sleep you got. Truthfully," he amended. He cocked one of his dark brows at her and waited.

"Enough. Does it matter?" She tried to restrain the biting tone. She hated being questioned.

"Do you ever give an easy answer?" he sighed, holding the coffee back.

"It's ingrained. And no." When he didn't move to offer her one, she heaved a disgusted sound. "Fine," she snapped. "I got my usual—between three and five hours."

"Is there anything normal about you?" he asked as he handed her a hot cup of flavored caffeine.

She sipped gratefully, licking the warmth from her upper lip, savoring the mocha flavor. She watched as he sat down, his long legs dwarfing the chair, and had to remind herself that involvement was not going to happen.

"I'm sorry. What did you say?" she said, avoiding the question.

He shook his head as he chuckled at her softly. "Delilah, has anyone ever cracked you? You've got to be the toughest nut I've ever run across."

"Takes one to know one," she shot back playfully. His angular face lightened when she gave him a smile. "And again, the answer is no."

"You know, when you put it that way," he said in a quiet, teasing voice. "I could take that as a challenge."

She swallowed. This was becoming too easy, too comfortable. "It's better if you don't," she reminded him in a husky tone, the coffee warming her voice as well as her body, avoiding the dark hungry depths of his gaze. "I keep telling you, I'm not someone you'll be proud of. I'm not the kind to invite to dinner at Mom's. You'll be disappointed."

His gaze was intense when his equally rich voice reached her, bringing her vision back up. "Delilah, I don't know how to tell you this, but you're wrong."

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Ready for more? Great! Here's an excerpt from A Trust Earned...

It was at that moment he knew she wasn’t ill, with her chest rising and falling with ragged gasps.

Her breath was a hot brand against the hand holding her chin. “Bram,” she whispered, a plea of confusion.

“Selene,” he said, lingering as he stood before her. His head tilted to hers before he realized he couldn’t stop himself. She gasped as he made contact, a seductive heat that filled him, made him hungry in a way he had never imagined when his mouth covered hers.

He stepped back in a rush, dropping his hands as if he’d burned himself. Maybe he had. “Oh, God! I’m sorry,” he gasped. He shook from the power of the kiss, of her lips as they melted against him.

Her eyes flashed at him and she snaked a hand to wrap around his head. “I’m not,” she whispered, pulling him back down.

She controlled the kiss, the heat, the hunger. It was all Selene as his hands settled at her waist, holding himself steady. His heart beat with a trip-hammer intensity against his rib cage as she urged him on. She moaned softly when he pressed himself against her body, the shape of her form filling him the way her kiss was filling his senses.

She shuddered in his hold when he flicked out his tongue, touching the edge of her soft mouth. Her reaction shot through him like a liquid fire. He became consumed by her kiss, her touch. He became lost in her as he took the kiss over from her, feeding off of her. She moaned again, deeper, a vibration that heated his blood to boiling.

He forced himself to stop, to lift his head. Or he would make love to her.

Wow! I loved the "trip-hammer intensity"--niiice!

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I also asked Diana what makes her paranormal characters different from paranormal characters currently on the market. She said:

I'm not sure with my shifters. I can't remember who I've read over the years. I'd like to think they're different because of the way they react to their challenges, that they have very strong family ties and believe in what they do, to do to the fullest whatever they set their hearts to. Falling in love is NOT one of them, but they learn to change their minds.

NOW--If you have a comment or question for Diana, this here's the time ;-). Commenting here will automatically enter you in a random (roll of the dice) contest. The prize? Books and some chocolate. Don't want it, ask your question or make your comment and type NE (not entering) at the bottom of your comment.

The winner will be announced tomorrow in Diana's discussion about the craft and process of writing. Come back tomorrow for more from Diana Castilleja!


Cathy M said...

Hi Diana, two great excerpts. I now have some more books to add to my tbb list. I just got thru reading, Every Move She Makes, and enjoyed it very much. Fell a little in lust with Jonas.

Diana Castilleja said...

Well, thank you very much! I'm tickled you enjoyed it. Jonas is definitely an alpha hottie. LOL

J Hali said...

WHEW! This sounds hot. Looks like my TBB pile gets another 'goody' added to the list.

Nice interview and great excerpt reading. Thanks!