Saturday, July 11, 2009

Take a Little Advice from One Who Knows

Today marks our final post from Mark David Gerson (up at 10:30am EST).

I personally have thought quite a bit about even the briefest parts of the comments Mark David made in response to questions folks posted following his interviews. DH even said, "You know all this stuff--look how great your career is doing!" (We were returning from picking up issues of The Writer where my upcoming title is mentioned on page 8--big moment for me :-). ) I pointed out that although I may know this stuff, I still occasionally need reminders.

That's why, when Mark David accepted my offer to be interviewed here I whooped with joy.

I want to remind those of you who may have already heard a message even vaguely like Mark David's to listen again. Really drink it in.

Cut the negative thoughts and phrase from your vocabulary--I challenge you to do it starting NOW. Your life will change. Doors WILL open. Things will propel you forward because you're living in the right frame of mind where you understand everything is possible if you just give it room to grow.

I speak from experience. Break down the doors you've allowed to shut you in. Don't waste time on that nasty inner critic. Don't worry if no one else believes in you. YOU start the ball rolling for yourself. People will start to recognize your potential if you truly open yourself to it. Mark David has tremendous insight to offer. I hope so much that you take this opportunity to connect with him. That's why I asked him here: to remind us how we best help ourselves.

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jessrosen said...

Very good point you made about needing to be reminded of what we already know. Kind of an "Aha" experience wrapped up in deja vu! I get those all the time and am grateful for the reminder to shed the negativity that builds up from time to time, weighing my creativity down.

Thanks for the post!
Jessica Rosen

Saoirse Redgrave said...


Thank you so much for stopping in--I hope you enjoy the wisdom Mark David Gerson so generously shared with all of us here.

I think it's unfortunately ingrained in many of us to allow the negative to weigh us down and I need those reminders to toss off the bad and focus on all the good around sometimes, too.

Take care!