Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reminder--Dog Days of Summer BlogTour with Guest Mark David Gerson Tomorrow

A reminder to readers: Tomorrow I'll be introducing you to award-winning author Mark David Gerson. Mark David is not only an author of the award-winning novel The MoonQuest, but also a motivational force recognized and appreciated by many authors. He has written two novels with The MoonQuest being slated for feature film production and Mark David has a CD of guided meditations for writers.

Mark David is also the occasional host of Twitter's #writechat (an online chat that I've recommended to readers several times here) and will be hosting Sunday. So, meet him here and join us for #writechat on Sunday between 3-6pm EST.

Tomorrow morning (as soon as clouds clear and the satellite cooperates) I'll be posting the first part of my interview with Mark David Gerson.

I STRONGLY encourage any of you who are trying to find their path in the writing world to join us here and ask Mark David questions. I will make sure he knows that questions are asked as soon as I see them in the comments (as long as Twitter cooperates) and I believe Mark David will also be lurking on the site off and on, so please feel free to ask him things or comment on his work.

If you'd like to check out Mark David's work before he joins us, please visit his site for writers: The Voice of Your Muse or his personal site: or his spiritual/inspirational site: New Earth Chronicles.

So join us tomorrow for an inspirational and enlightening interview with Mark David Gerson!

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Mark David Gerson said...

Looking forward to being here with you all over the next days!