Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things to Celebrate: Last Week and This Week

I like to celebrate even the little things in life. I think it's because the loss of my mother to cancer a few years ago kind of startled me into the realization that life can be fleeting and we need to make every moment count. That's also a big part of my series 13 to Life. Life's short. Make the most of it.

So, looking back and looking forward, these are the things I'm celebrating now (I encourage you to dwell on things to celebrate, too):
  • Last week my VistaPrint order of promotional stuff for 13 to Life came in: Postcards, business cards, a banner, a car magnet, a lawn sign, refrigerator magnets and a spiffy pen. It all has my title, my name and the series that is so much part of my heart right on it. And I look forward to giving gobs of it away at RWA. Yes, I do. :D
  • Last week my Advanced Uncorrected Proof arrived. [insert SQUEEEE here ;-)]. It is sunshine yellow. (This makes me laugh--especially considering the dark-ish nature of what's inside. Judge a book by its cover, will ya'? ;-) Don't freak--the real book won't be sunshine yellow--just the proof. :-) It fits in my hands so well and it is simply an amazing feeling to hold something with my name and St. Martin's insignia and name on it, too. Even the interior ISBN has 31 (which is 13 backwards as we all know).
  • Last week I got to host the fabulous Mark David Gerson and run a contest for his 2 CD set of guided meditations for writers. The contest ends today at 6:30pm EST, so check it out--links to the right! Mark David is awesome--I hope you treat yourself to some of his wisdom and write the story that's in your heart--it is "writing what you know" to the utmost degree.
  • Last week I paused at a Borders Express in town and management overheard me talking to DH about book stuff. They asked some questions and asked me to keep them up to date on everything and come do a signing as soon as I was at that stage. They were SOOO good for my ego. :-)
  • Last week I found out I'm getting to go to a dinner at Ardeo (F.A.N.C.Y.--you know it is when you call them--which I did--to inquire about the dress code and the guy who picks up says "casual" in a French accent!) restaurant in Washington, DC with other St. Martin's folks. I will get to meet the man who signed my contract. WOW.
  • Last week Cyn Balog (author of Fairy Tale --released this June through Delacorte) congratulated me via Fb on my name and title being mentioned in the magazine The Writer (page 8--get a copy and celebrate with me! :-). Cyn was right. Therefore, while buying magazines in a stunned mental state, I remembered Cyn long enough to buy her book--just started it--it's goood!
Whew! I know! That's a heck of a list and we aren't on This Week! Let's go!
  • I'm getting my hair done so I don't look all shaggy-headed for RWA Nationals. I had it cut (SHORT!:-) for Mother's Day so it went to Locks of Love (if you're longhaired, I suggest you do the same--it's become a routine for me now). I usually don't get it cut again until the next time I can donate, but I think a little trim's in order. And maybe even highlights. Sunday Scribbling's prompt was about "indulgence" after all...
  • I'm headed to RWA Nationals in DC! Taking a train with fellow author and RWA member Deborah Blake on Wednesday morning, this will be where I hand out promotional materials, meet my boss (ack!), attend the FF&P dinner and try and find some soul who'd like to take my spot on the evening bus tour of the city (in case my SMP dinner *blink, blink* runs long).
  • At RWA I'll meet Mindy Klasky, Ann Aguirre (Blue Diablo author), Candace Haven (Dragons Prefer Blondes), Lucienne Diver (Vamped author--who I hand my proof to, hoping after she reads it she likes it enough to blurb it) and so many other amazing authors in the romance field. I'll be taking gobs of workshops and Tweeting and blogging about the experience as often as I can. Yep. Mom taught me how to share. And how to bite. But that's another story for another time. ;-)
Okay, so those are my causes to celebrate--what are yours? I guess if I could give any writers (or really, anyone) a piece of advice it'd be to focus on the positive. When that's what's in your heart you'll notice more and more headed your way. :-)

Take care!


Mark David Gerson said...

Thanks for including me as part of your fabulous week. It's been great to be part of your online life this week.

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Thank you so much for being here, Mark David. :-) I know that the folks who asked you questions and read your posts have some great things to think about as a result of your willingness to share your insight.

Take care and keep inspiring others!