Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dog Days of Summer: Brigit Aine's Advice to Aspiring Authors

Author of Red's Wolf and the upcoming Cassie's Awakening, Brigit Aine was kind enough to stop by for this portion of our Dog Days of Summer BlogTour and talk about all sorts of things, including some useful advice for aspiring authors.

I asked Brigit how often she writes...
Whenever I get the chance. I try to write at least 2,000 words a day, but I don’t always get that. However I make it up on the weekends when I get me time. If I can sit for 3 or 4 hours I can get 7,000 words in which is great. I always try to have a notebook and pad or my Blackberry with me though because new ideas come all the time. I am working on 3 different ideas right now.

*Just as a note-- I can't fathom knocking out 7,000 words in only 3-4 hours, but, man, am I impressed in the work ethic there (and the speed of typing--me? hunt and peck ;-). Way to go, Brigit!

I believe it's important to figure out what your strengths are as an author and focus on them. I asked Brigit what she feels her strengths are...
I think that one of the greatest things I have as a writer is my sense of humor. I am able to get that across and into my writing. It can be a bit acerbic and sarcastic, and yet it doesn’t seem to come across as anything other than how it was meant. It allows me to be who I am and give a piece of myself to the reader.

I also think I have a good story to tell. They are light hearted and yet the characters come across as “real” and while I write in a genre that is unreal the stories themselves are believable. That is extremely important in a genre like the paranormal. While the ideas are far from being able to be believed if the story is believable your reader will forget that what they are reading is impossible.

And now, for some friendly advice for our aspiring authors out there...
1. Write what you know and love. This will make your story more credible and easier for your to write.
2. Make contacts now, join the groups, get your name out there and listen to what the veterans are saying.
3. Don’t give up.

We've heard #1 expressed different ways from different authors during Dog Days, and a couple have also touched on #3. But #2 is SO important because of the social and learning aspect in the world of publishing that many of us overlook while we're pressing our fingers to the keyboard, eyes glued to the screen. You DO need to start getting out there now. Join a group or two online. Follow conversations and add to them in good, constructive ways--interact with other authors as you build your skill level. It will come in handy later.

Excellent advice from Brigit (and my thanks she joined us here)!

“Red’s Wolf” is available in e-book and print.
You can buy “Red’s Wolf” in e-book at Absolute Xpress. Or in print at Amazon.

Now, about this week's prize for a random commenter... Since Brigit writes spicier stuff, I'm pulling out an *autographed* copy of Karin Tabke's Master of Craving. I had the pleasure of meeting Karin at RWA Nationals in DC when she was doing book signings at the Pocket Books event (wow--it was crowded). I'll also throw in Kristan Higgins' Too Good to Be True so you're getting a historical and a contemporary. And chocolate? Of course there's chocolate! I'm behind in shipping out prizes (I've been working like a dog on book 2--and dog's are pretty poor typists, too) but stuff's coming out in the mail again next Tuesday. So. Leave a comment for Brigit (at either her interview, excerpt or advice--that'd be here ;-) by 6pm EST tomorrow (Sunday) and you're entered for prizes. :D


Cathy M said...

What a great post. As a reader, I am in awe of writers and their creativity. So many genres with books to suit my every mood.

Great cover for Red's Wolf, Brigit, I enjoyed the excerpt.

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Thank you, Cathy, for stopping by! I'll be contacting you via email--your comment earned this week's prize of Karin Tabke's "Master of Craving" and Kristan Higgins' "Too Good to Be True."

Now I just need your address and I can ship these out--I have fallen waaay behind on shipping prizes during the writing of book 2! Yikes!

Cathy M said...

Thanks so much, both books sound amazing.