Friday, August 21, 2009

Dog Days of Summer: Deborah Blake's Writing Excerpt

This week our guest at Dog Days is author Deborah Blake. Deb's currently working on her fifth book with Llewellyn and working on several novels. She's won awards for her writing and gotten some wonderful reviews.

She's allowing me to post a snippet of her current wip KING ME! Deb says, "KING ME! is a humorous paranormal romance about a modern witch who accidentally brings King Arthur back to save the world. Oops." I know you'll enjoy it. :-)

Chapter One

When a lunar eclipse coincides with the Summer Solstice, even the least gifted witch can work true magic. A powerful witch should probably stay home and watch bad reality shows on television, just to be safe.

Morgan Fairfax’s coven was a motley assortment of strange and wonderful eccentrics, none of whom had any unusual abilities. That made it even more amazing when they managed to achieve the impossible, entirely by accident.


* * *

Morgan held her athame out in front of her, the light of the full moon reflecting off the blade of the traditional witch’s knife. Around her, the rest of the coven drummed and chanted, raising energy within the magical circle they’d cast on the freshly mown grass in a quiet corner of Albany’s Washington Park.

When the moon’s face was hidden from sight, they would recite the spell that Morgan, as high priestess, had written for this very special occasion. In all the years that the Cauldron Oak coven had practiced together, there had never been such a potent time for magical work, so Morgan had labored for weeks to come up with the perfect words.

The wind blew her long dark hair into her face, and she pushed it away with her free hand. At least the candles stayed lit, protected in their hurricane lanterns, always a challenge when practicing witchcraft outside. Morgan could feel the energy building higher and higher, timed to coincide with the eclipse so that the witches could release their will into the universe at the optimum moment.

The edge of the moon disappeared. Morgan looked around the circle at her coven mates as the sound of drums and voices filled the night. Charlotte’s chanting was endearingly out of tune and Michael’s sense of rhythm was all his own, but that’s what made the coven so powerful; they all put a part of themselves into the brew. The others had not been brought up with the Craft as Morgan had, but working together, they wove a magic far stronger than most individual witches could create.

Witchcraft was all about connection, as far as Morgan was concerned, bonding together all of them, the gods, and the earth itself. That’s why she’d designed tonight’s ritual as a gift to Mother Earth. She’d wanted a way of giving back to the land that nourished and supported humans and had been so badly treated in return.

The spell Morgan had written was a response to the ever-growing problems of global warming, the energy crisis and the endless wars that depressed her every time she turned on the television. After all, Morgan reasoned, who better than witches—people who believed in the power of magic to create positive change in the universe—to try and move things in a better direction?

To learn more about Deb and the class she'll be teaching online, go to her site and the Lowcountry Writers class site.

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