Monday, September 21, 2009

13 to Life: Endings and Beginnings (Empty Nest Syndrome for Authors)

This is crazy, but I figured I'd share because it's probably very normal in the lifespan of an author. Those of you following my fast draft (or dirty draft) progress here and through Twitter probably have noticed I'm in the homestretch with book 3.

I'll be done with the rough draft of book 3 before my copyedits for book 1 land in my mailbox. That in itself makes my head spin. It's an accomplishment, but it also means I'm that much closer to having to move away from Pietr, Jess and all of Junction and on to other projects as a writer (and man, do I have other projects nipping at me). I must repeat something I've told many of you: I never thought I'd be writing werewolves. And yet I'm so glad their story found its way into my head.

Frankly, I love Jess and Pietr and Max and Amy and Alexi and Cat and...ugh. I even love the dark and nasty characters--they all helped build the world of Junction. They've become like my friends and family (and they don't eat up my food and require fresh linens when they visit ;-).

To know their time is coming to a close even before the first book hits shelves... Ugh. Maybe this is why my contract originally gave me a year per book--a subtle mental health clause ;-).

So I'm sort of rejoicing and mourning at the same time. If I could live forever just writing Pietr and Jess I think I'd be pretty happy. But I know (as Pietr's acutely aware) that there are always endings.

And maybe I'll get a chance to write more of Junction eventually. There is still a lot to tell... But that sort of decision is in the hands of readers and editors and publishers.


Sheila Deeth said...

I think I'm jealous of your emptying nest, but only in the nicest possible way.

Shannon Reinbold-Gee said...

Thanks, Sheila. :-) I guess I need to take the attitude moms do when sending kids to college: I've taught them what I can, I hope things go well for them as they head into the world. ;-)