Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fast Draft of 13 to Life Book 3 Thanks to Chat with Ann Aguirre and Candace Havens

I'll make this quick because it seems making things quick will be my goal for the next few weeks. Last night I was emailing and Tweeting back and forth with bestselling author Ann Aguirre (the former phrase in itself makes me giddy). The fact Ann also asked me to beta her YA wip (HUGE squeeee!) blew my mind. Of course I said YES. ;-)

And then Ann mentioned she's fast drafting this WiP starting today.

Fast drafting? Huh. I've heard that term before. Candace Havens (another cool author) is a huge supporter and teacher of this method for writing your book. In short, you do 5k per day for 14 days straight, giving you essentially a 70 k (plus, potentially) book at the end of a two week stretch. The key's turning off your internal editor (she's pesky anyhow) and getting your butt in the chair.

So today I'm going to start fast drafting 13 to Life book 3. No, Michael (my SMP editor) has not yet accepted book 2, but I know I can work with whatever needs to be done and get book 3 to fit, too--you have to have faith.

I'll be screening phone calls to avoid those wonderful distractions. I'll dig out a word meter to help keep me honest (Ann does this, too). You can check my progress. Even if I only hit 4k a day and avoid weekend writing (it is fall harvest on our farm, essentially) I'll have book 3 roughed by the middle of October--just before my 37th birthday (that's something to celebrate, right?).

So, wanna fast draft with us? And... When you take a break from your fast drafting, please pop over to and post your opinion on a potential movie cast for 13 to Life--it's fun!


Robin said...

Fast drafting...i like. it seems like my kind of writing. Get it all out in a purge and then doll it up. I know you can do it! Just stay off twitter and facebook and make the most of the time the kid is at school.

Ann Aguirre said...

For me, the word meter is crucial because I look on it like my timeclock. I'm not done with work for the day until I can update it to show I've met wordcount. When I do, I'm like, woohoo, quitting time! I did it! Even if nobody else cares about how much I wrote that day, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Plus, it's just awesome to see the color rise.

Saoirse Redgrave said...


Of course I'll stay off Twitter (except someone asked me about what fast drafting was--darn them, pulling me right back in ;-). But I'm being quoted in another blog article as a result. (shhh--if you look below your comment you'll notice a waaay more important author than me has stopped by my blog--don't scare her off--yes, she's the one that wrote that book BLUE DIABLO that you LOVE *g*).


I'm with you on the word meter--that visual reinforcement definitely helps (like having an accountability partner). Hey, shouldn't you be fast drafting right now? Erm...shouldn't I? :D

Thank you both so much for stopping by... :) Now get back to writing!

Ann Aguirre said...

I'm done! Wordmeter is updated. I'm sitting at 5031 and ready for tomorrow. Where I must top 10031 to knock off for the day.

Sheila Deeth said...

Wow! Sounds like serious work. Can I switch off the family long enough to try?

Yeah, and twitter, blogger, etc...

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Ann, :-)


I just finished off at a total of 5,169 for the day--I feel decently about the guts of a scene or two--one that when polished should be pretty powerful (crossing fingers ;-) and allowed me to push through and get that extra little bit (using Dragon when my fingers started complaining--I'm a hunt and stomp gal--helped, too). Huh. it appears I've used up all my proper punctuation and grammatical ability. ;-) Thank you SO much for mentioning you were doing this and being cool with me tagging along. :-)


If I could occasionally locate the mute or pause button on select members of the family I could do stuff like this more often... ;-) Now that the boy's in kindergarten my agent's dancing at the prospect of me having more writing time. And though I know I can control my Tweeting, etc., my excuse is that I want to be timely. And darn it ;-) people occasionally ask me about what I'm doing and I'm compelled to reply. It's society's fault, you know. ;-) LOL

Tomorrow I think I may need to tweet once in the am and once in the pm and just blow off the rest of the Twitter obsession... Sheila, give it a try--if 5k's too much take the 1,000 word a day challenge (there's an icon in my blog's margin that I think will connect you...If I set it right...)

But you never know what you can accomplish until you try, right?

Ann Aguirre said...

Wow, look at you go! WTG, S!