Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Help Cast 13 to Life Over at

I know, I know. it's the beginning of the new school year. Lives are in turmoil, Mercury's in retrograde and things are simply not simple right now.

So I'll keep this short: I've got something fun for you to try. At a site called you can put together your dream cast for an author's book. Like Twilight? Decide who you would have cast and vote. Love Janet Evanovich's stuff or Robert Jordan's? Go imagine who you'd cast in a movie by them and post it (and comment).

Love 13 to Life --?(of course you do ;-)! Cast it!

Go and cast your choices of who you'd love to see as Pietr and Jess and Sarah... etc. I'm very curious to know. Registering for an account is free, there's lots of fun to be had--I highly suggest it (hey, it works your imagination and visualization skills).

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