Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The New School Year--Aaaargh!

So book 2 (which my agent, Stan Soper, is raving about) is in front of my editor, Michael Homler, at St. Martin's Press (along with a mindblowing blurb from bestselling author Ann Aguirre for book 1), and I'm trying to catch up with emails and (nail down) short story ideas (which tend to morph into novel ideas if I allow them to).

I want to get something into an anthology somewhere, some time...

I'm also doing some necessary Textnovel.com reading and trying to keep up with Twitter and related online obligations. Today my husband headed back to teaching and tomorrow my son heads off on his first day of kindergarten, so my life's in total flux!

Rationally I know I'll be able to get so much more writing done, but emotionally I'm having a little freak out. My son's growing up! Was it so long ago I went through 36 (yes, 36) hours of labor to bring him into this world? Will the world I introduced him to treat him civilly in public school or will I have to be worried his public school experience will reflect my own (middle school--pffft)? *sigh* So I'm trying to mentally prepare for a quiet house tomorrow and trying to avoid believing a quiet house equates with an empty house.

How are you dealing with the start of a new school year? What does the beginning of school mean to you? Do you use it in any way in your writing?


Sheila Deeth said...

Just you wait. In no time at all, you'll be leaving him in his college dorm (which is where I've just left my youngest).

Saoirse Redgrave said...

LOL--Sheila, that's sort of what I'm starting to think could happen, too.

So how do you feel having sent your youngest off to college? Is it a relief or an empty nest? I hope it feels great because you deserve it. :-)