Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick Updates

Really quickly (doing this 5k a day fast draft is starting to get taxing--partly because everyone in the household is sniffly and gross and no one's feeling chipper) I'll update you all:

  1. Agent reports a new studio interested in seeing the manuscript for 13 to Life. They're willing to accept a text file whereas another wants to wait for galleys. This in itself intrigues me--I'd be a text file gal, for sure, if I knew I could slip by other studios months ahead for sneak peeks at stuff... Curious how different groups do this. :-)
  2. I'm nearly half-way done with my fast draft of book 3. Ugh. Grueling, but really, really neat. Pietr has thrown me a wrench which has tightened the timeline significantly. Love my wrench-throwin' Russian werewolves. ;-)
  3. Editor reports that in about two weeks (or less) I will get my copyedits. I'm giddy because I have no idea what to expect and it's another step forward in the author's journey for me. I get to talk about stuff to him again tomorrow. Think, think, think!
  4. I have joined the Textnoveldivas blog group (not for those under 18 *sorry* because some of the gals write very spicy stuff). I'm doing writers' tips which I'll also bring here for all of you.
  5. I have written a short, snarky werewolf story that will be part of my freebies as we approach the LAUNCH DATE for 13 TO LIFE book 1: JUNE 2010 (What else happens in June 2010 you may ask? The 3rd movie in the Twilight series, ECLIPSE, comes out--what a howlingly cool summer!). Ironically I think this is the one place I didn't post the dates before now. My editor has also said book 2 will be out in DECEMBER 2010--mmm--stockings stuffed with werewolfy goodness!
I hope you all also have great things happening for you and all your creative endeavors! :-)

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Sheila Deeth said...

Cool news. And congratulations on all the writing. 5K sounds scary.