Sunday, September 13, 2009

Recent Interviews about 13 to Life

I'm going to draw your attention to a couple recent interviews I was thrilled to give (and links on the right that include spots I've been quoted or mentioned regarding, 13 to Life, etc). Of course I'd love it if you managed to stop by those spots and leave a comment. I'm always very thankful when someone takes an interest in what I'm doing or how my writing journey is progressing.

I love to talk to interviewers. My hope is always that I can help another writer who is trying to find their voice or struggling without enough inspiration. If you want to interview me on your blog or for an article in a print publication, I'm game! Email me at saoirse @ 13 to Life (dot) us . Tell me what you want to know and where and when you think an interview with you will appear. I'll link to you gladly once it's posted and Tweet it for you, too.

Here are the newest links to interviews with me:

The Examiner
Paranormal Romance Writers
Clover Autrey's Serious Writing Blog

I was also recently asked about Fast Drafting. You can see my part of that interview here at Girl Meets Word.

In October there's another interview about cell phones including me in the RWA North Texas chapter newsletter. I'll post a link once I know RWA members have gotten a look first.

And in November I have another interview... Things are getting exciting again. And if that's not exciting enough, I'm hitting my goal of 5k a day for my fast draft of 13 to Life book 3! Check out the word meter and watch my word count grow. :-)

I hope you all are also making progress in all of your creative ventures!

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