Friday, September 11, 2009 Winners and 13 to Life Updates

First things first-- there's a very handy post over at "Girl Meets Word" about different ways to plot a novel or story. I suggest you check it out (and yes, she quoted me a bit, so YAY!). If you want to know more on my thoughts regarding fast drafting, they are there (they were first on my Twitter and may eventually wind up here, too).

For those of you waiting anxiously for results on the 2009 Textnovel contest--I expect we'll hear about a winner pretty soon as one quiet deadline passed this morning for judges. Right now a list of finalists and top choices from each member of this year's Editorial Board should be sitting in someone's inbox. I would announce it on the Textnovel forum, but it seems it has rejected my very existence... Not quite as troubling as standing in front of automatic doors that can't sense your presence, but troubling nonetheless. ;-)

I rocketed through 5,000 words+ yesterday on my attempt at fast drafting book 3 of 13 to Life and will shortly put Dragon on and try to double my total today. I had a great conversation through Twitter last night with a young aspiring fantasy author and spewed out some advice which seems to have been well-received (and it made me think about if I was committing the "do as I say and not as I do" sin). Sometimes I forget the great advice I've learned over the years about writing until someone flat out asks me. I need to be more aware of using every tool in my writer's toolbox.

Okay, I'm signing off for now--check out the links and have an awesome day. Take a moment to remember why this date is important historically, too--many common people became heroes on 9/11 trying to help their fellow people--many of them who never probably imagined being what we too often think of as heroic. Heroes are everywhere. I ask you to think of how you might be someone's hero today, even in a small way. :-)


Sheila Deeth said...

I'm duly impressed by the 5,000. Guess I should log on to textnovel and see if they've posted the winner.

Saoirse Redgrave said...

We may still have a week or two before the final announcement for the standard contest is announced.

I think the goal was to announce before Dorchester was decided and then do some unified press releases (the latter being more of a guess on my part than the former).

Thanks for being impressed, Sheila--once I started seeing I could seriously do the 5k I was a bit impressed, too. LOL. I shall now go deflate my writer's ego. ;-)