Friday, October 2, 2009

Guest Blogging at Jeri Smith-Ready's Blog-toberfest

Hey gang!

Pardon me while I bite my nails and worry--I'm a guest blogger at author Jeri Smith-Ready's blog today. Jeri decided to celebrate the anniversary of her blog by hosting a bunch of YA authors and giving away their books. Yeah. And even though I haven't gotten an official ARC of 13 TO LIFE yet, we're set to give one away to a lucky commenter (and whoever wins the Grand Prize, too).

Each contest runs a week. And, I wrote a special complementary piece of fiction that's posted there, too--it should give you a little insight into some of the action and tension in 13 TO LIFE without revealing too much. I HAD to write it this week so I had something for #FridayFlash (if you're on Twitter, you should consider participating).

So, if you want a chance to win the 13 TO LIFE ARC and see the newest book trailer and get a sneak peek at the book cover (SO much different than what we did for!) go to Jeri's blog and find my post.

Good luck!


CDominique said...

Can I first say how proud I am and honored to know someone who has accomplished what you have? Secondly... cool blog. Ill be following you...

Sheila Deeth said...

Heading over there. Cool!

Shannon Reinbold-Gee said...

Thank you, C. ;-) I'm still just learning my way (it's that whole life's a journey thing ;-). Feel free to tag along! :D

Yay, Sheila! :-)