Friday, November 13, 2009

The Big Holiday Book Blitz--A List of Books YOU Should Buy and Why

Okay, kids! I'm all about democracy, an exchange of ideas and reading good books. With the holidays quick on our heels, I thought I'd like to see a list of books YOU would recommend other readers buy. Here's what you're gonna do...

Leave a comment to this post with the book's title, author, genre and a precise link or URL to where it can be bought. Then give me one concrete sentence about why this book is a must-have this holiday season or why you're recommending it. If you absolutely adore the author, please include the URL of their website, too.

I'll leave this post available for recommendations until Saturday, November 21.

Then I'll snag your comments and create one big super-linked list by genre (unless it gets out of hand and then I'll do separate lists by genre). The list will go live on the 23--in time for both Black Friday AND Cyber Saturday! Going shopping with the masses on Black Friday? Print a list.

I want to know what books made you laugh, cry or whatever this year, so spill! The authors will appreciate your endorsements so consider this one way you're thanking them. :-)


Victoria said...

If you're talking YA, I can suggest A LOT of books.

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare which includes: City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass.

A good friend of mine also directed me to Melissa Marr's work, Wicked Lovely.

In the not so young adult area, perhaps Labyrinth by Kate Mosse.

Shannon Delany said...

Thanks, Victoria, great suggestions! I'll make sure and include them on the list! :-)

Jennifer L Hart said...

100% Wolf by Jayne Lyons for those wanting to introduce younger children to the paranormal universe in a fun way. My eight year old loves Freddie's adventures, actually read some of this on his own for the first time!

Shannon Delany said...


Thank you so much for the suggestion--I hadn't heard of that one! Anything that encourages kids to read is awesome in my opinion (and hey, I like the idea of young kids getting a taste for the paranormal so they're interested when they hit YA status, too).

Thank you--will definitely get it on the list!