Thursday, November 12, 2009

BlogTalk Radio Interview Today--Call In!

Today at 6pm EST I'm participating in a blogtalk radio interview with Red River Writer's Live--No Limits!

I had the date written down as November 15--man, was I wrong! It's today, today, today! *twitch* ;-)

The hostess is fantasy author Barbara M. Hodges and I will be joined by science fiction writer
H. David Blalock. The show runs an hour and a half. Seriously. An hour and a half! If you have any questions about 13 TO LIFE, cell phone novels, Textnovel, werewolves, publishing, pseudonyms, goal-setting, NaNoWriMo, RWA, the Class of 2k10 or writing YA--almost anything related to writing is fair game from what I understand.

This is my first blogtalk radio interview and to say I'm nervous would be an understatement of ginormous proportions. I like print interviews. I like blog tours. I LOVE talking to people in person! And (I'm sure) once I've survived one of these I'll love blogtalk radio, too. :-)

So, if you're hungry for writing advice, thoughts on publishing or just curious about what I'm doing as I approach the June 22, 2010 release of 13 TO LIFE, call in this evening! :-) Hope to see--er--hear you there! :-)


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в конце концов: благодарю! а82ч