Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Many Thanks to the Hungarians!

Two days ago I got some wonderful news--we've sold translation rights for 13 TO LIFE to the Hungarians!

Woot! You have NO idea how thrilled I am!

When I was in college I studied Spanish and Russian (having studied French, German, Chinese and Spanish in High School). But one of our Russian professors was actually born and raised in Hungary and we tried to get him to teach a course in Hungarian. Unfortunately we needed a certain number of students for the college to allow the course (and, as poor college students, it wasn't like we could afford private sessions).

Since then my husband and I have talked a great bit about traveling through Eastern Europe (but with a young son these things become difficult to arrange). One of the countries at the top of our list? HUNGARY.

So I'm super pleased with the fact the Hungarians appreciate me at least a little bit. And, man, I can't wait to see what the Hungarian book cover looks like... SO exciting!

Hope you all also get great and exciting news this week! :-)


Sheila Deeth said...

Thrilled for you. Brilliant!

Eva Gordon said...

Do get to Hungary. I was there a few years ago visiting where my hubby's grandfather came from.

S B Frank said...

Congrtulations! My grandfather is from there. He was a Baron or some such. Very cool news. Cheers,

Anonymous said...
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Shannon Delany said...

Thank you for the congratulations. :-) I was very happily surprised by the news.

Eva and SB--I think Hungary is yet another great country that gets unfortunately overlooked in many people's travel plans. I look forward to having a chance to return to Europe and see much more of the continent. :-)