Monday, November 30, 2009

Shazam! Nailed the NaNoWriMo!

Today is a good day. (Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer almost all days are good ones--and no, that's not because I'm some naive Pollyanna, but because I view my world as good and often it returns things in kind ;-).

"But enough with the babbling, Shannon," you say, "Why is this good day notable?"

Because I hit my wordcount for my NaNo WiP CREATIVE LICENSE this morning. For those of you following me (I love you, by the way ;-) you know I've been trying to do NaNo and that I have revision notes on book 2 of 13 to Life and I've got my 1st pass pages for book 1 of the series. So I was juggling things (and having guests for the holiday...).

And juggling? So not my skill-set.

I even thought about just admitting defeat at a point in NaNo.

Yes. Me. Admitting defeat. I went 11 days without my wordcount changing. And then I saw someone (who shall remain nameless *cough--Jess Rosen*) remind someone on Twitter that NaNo wasn't about getting 50K in words that'll be in the final version of your novel but it's about getting the words down. Understand, this is not something that had escaped me, but somehow seeing it in black and white (well, close enough) made it hit home.

Suddenly I was itching to get back into the fray. So I hauled butt and wrote a lot. And this morning? Bingo-bango, done!

Is the book good and solid? Noooo! Is it complete? Hahahahaha. Will it make readers laugh and cry? Only if they look at my punctuation and spelling. ;-)

It's a rough draft. And as I say so often: There's a reason it's called a "rough" draft.

But my 50K+ of NaNo-y goodness is a suitable story skeleton (much the way 13 to Life began over at last Nov. 24th). And I like to think of story skeletons in the following way: they hold and protect the heart of the story and they are what we hang the flesh from and run the story's lifeblood through. Without the story skeleton we'd have nothing but a lump of fatty words. A spineless story.

So, I'm raising a Mocha Frappuccino to my fellow NaNoWriMo winners today. Good job to all of you who won. And to those of you who didn't--it's okay. Starting a story is a huge and important step toward finishing one. I'm proud of you, too (now get it done before the year's out ;-).

And NaNo-ers? Don't go slinging your manuscript out to publishers or agents tomorrow. Take a deep breath. Give the story the time it needs for you to review and revise it appropriately. Otherwise you may be just shooting yourself in the foot with contacts you may really want to have.

Take care!


Sara ♥ said...


Shannon Delany said...

Thank you, Sara! I'm very happy right now. :-)

Have a fabulous day!

jessrosen said...

You stuck with it and you did it! That's terrific, Shannon. Can't tell you how happy I am that you hit the 50k and, most of all, are happy and celebrating today.

Turn about really is fair play. You got to remind me as I edited my rough that it really is a ROUGH. I dove back in with renewed vigor. Fair's fair.

Take good care,
Jessica Rosen

Vildea said...

Congrats! That's really well done!

I couldn't compete in NaNo this year (exams) so I'll be having my own NaNo in December (starting this Friday/Saturday!) and up to some point in January :) Might as well use that very long Christmas break for something, no?

Very well done! Have fun celebrating :)

Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

WE KICKED NANO BUTTOCKS! lol yay us! You said not to sling rough draft to agents and pubbers but can I sling it in the trash? puh-leaze? I haven't given up on the idea I wrote I just gave up on this version I wrote. I even had the earth open up and swallow all the characters; yes, they were on my nerves THAT much. *slaps wrist* bad writer, bad. no killing off entire book!