Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chat Tonight on Twitter with Members of the Class of 2K10

Tonight at 8pm eastern, I'm proud to be hosting a Twitter hashtag chat with members of the Class of 2K10. Our topics will range from basic introductions to NaNoWriMo and the revision process.

My guest list at this point includes an awesome eight (and me as hostess!):

Kitty Keswick (@kittykeswick) whose debut YA paranormal novel FREAKSVILLE comes out January 8, 2010 from Leap Books.

With a March 27 release (and also with Leap Books) we'll be joined by Judith Graves (@judithgraves) whose paranormal novel is UNDER MY SKIN.

Rhonda Hayter's (@rhondahayter) debut MG novel, THE WITCHY WORRIES OF ABBIE ADAMS, comes out in April from Dial Books.

Janet Fox (@janetsfox) makes her YA debut in May with FAITHFUL.

Kristina McBride (@mcbridekristina) will debut with her YA novel THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES in May.

Jeri Smith-Ready's (@jsmithready) debut YA paranormal novel, SHADE, hits shelves in May as well!

I'm (@Shannon_Delany) a June girl with 13 TO LIFE releasing on June 22--just 8 days before the movie Eclipse hits theaters--guess what I hope you'll read in line? ;-)

We'll also be joined by Denise Jaden, (@denisejaden) whose debut YA novel is entitled LOSING FAITH and will hit bookstores in September.

Michele Corriel (@micky2shoes) will also join us. Michele's debut novel, NABBED: A NEWSPAPER MYSTERY is due out in fall from Blooming Tree.

I hope lots of you join us--and go easy on us, for some of our authors this is their very first chat!


Jessica Kennedy said...

What's the hash tag going to be? 2K10?

Might I suggest that those that want to participate use TweetChat it auto adds the hash for commenting and it follows all Tweets with that hash.

Let me know the hash and I'll do my best to attend!

Bianca said...

Crap. I missed it!

Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

I must say, the class of 2K10 are all the cool kids! I am inspired by yall and keep saying "hey maybe I will be in the class of 2012? Or some other class. Yall as writers inspire me as an avid reader and an aspiring to be published writer. Rock on!

Dannie said...

Dang, I missed it :P

I did get to interview Kitty, so there's a plus!

Shannon Delany said...

Jess, the hashtag was #Classof2K10 (and we'll use it again this Thursday--sounds like we're aiming for 8:30pm - 9:30 pm EST). We tried TweetChat (I had suggested it to all the members and acquainted them a little with it. Then, ten minutes before the chat, TweetChat had an EPIC fail. Their server crashed. So we all quickly tried to learn TweetGrid (not pretty, but efficient). :-)

Bianca and Dannie, there should be a transcript of the chat over at . Just pop in #Classof2K10 and the date and time (8pm - 9pm EST) and you should be able to read what we all said.

Dannie, glad you got to interview Kitty--she's fabulous! :-) I can't believe her novel FREAKSVILLE is out SO soon!

Casse, I like to think we're one cool class. Yup. ;-) And who's to say you won't be a member in a couple years? Hey, we grads then get to come in as mentors (so you may see me around ;-). But seriously, it's a great group and I'm SO glad to be a member!

Take care!