Thursday, December 17, 2009

Class of 2k10 Twitter Chat Again Tonight

That's right--we're such a crazy bunch of debut authors that even though last week TweetChat totally did the ultimate crash and burn we're back for more technological punishment tonight.

Okay, okay, it's not so bleak as all that--yes, last Thursday TweetChat crashed and we scrambled to try TweetGrid (except for the fab Jeri Smith-Ready who is Tweetdeck-enabled :p ). And sure, 5 minutes into the chat my neighbor called to tell me about her son taking a header into their hearthstone (knocked some bricks loose with his noggin and bled so badly she couldn't get his shirt off).


It's a new week. A brand new Thursday and tonight we shall again chat on Twitter (yes, I fielded a few requests for a Chatzy chat today--we'll pursue that after the holiday c/rush is over).

Tonight. 8:30pm EST to 9:30pm EST we'll chat at the hashtag of #Classof2K10 .

Whhaaa--? you say? Where's #Classof2K10 ? Without going into an explanation that may in itself defy the very time/space continuum let me simply say: online.

Got Twitter? You're halfway there. Go to or if you're once bitten twice shy. ;-) Sign in (no download needed, just your sign-in and password from Twitter). Plunk #Classof2K10 into the box they have asking which hashtag or chat you want to follow.

It'll pop you up with the rest of us. Say hi! Read the comments and jump in by replying (or posting a general question). We're a friendly bunch and will happily pounce you in an effort to be helpful.

So please join us! We'll be talking about what we learned about our writing and ourselves as writers in 2009 and what our goals are for 2010 (maintaining my sanity being tops for me ;-).

See you there!

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