Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Giveaway of a Jeweled 13 to Life Bookmark TODAY!

Ack! I'm behind the eightball on this one! Over at author Heather Long is hosting a Holiday Giveaway (I'm a sucker for participating in this sort of stuff). She asked authors to provide something cool as a gift that people could suggest for their friends or loved ones.

That's right--you're winning a gift to give to someone you adore--that's as cool as the holiday spirit gets!

I created (yes, with my thick fingers) a pretty jeweled bookmark. And yes, it's symbolic and tied very closely to the story. And, the blue pietersite that is the focal bead is a gemstone that's becoming more and more difficult for me to get (it's expensive to begin with, but is now increasingly rare). So the strand I have currently will probably equal the number of things with this gem I can gift. And it's not a big number.

SO. If you want a cool gift for a friend or loved one that reads and might enjoy 13 TO LIFE, I wish you TREMENDOUS luck getting this gift for them.

Get over to Heather's and tell her why your loved one deserves a cool bookmark or why you want to give this specific gift to them. :-)

Here's that link again:

Much luck (and a dose of wolfy love, too ;-)!

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