Monday, December 7, 2009

Manic Monday and America's Best Celler Contest

Some Mondays are just the start of another week. And some earn all the angst and trepidation with which many people say the word Monday.

This one was a busy one and a sad one in some ways. My son was home sick (his first ear infection ever) so my work time was limited. When the boy's home, priorities shift. We worked through it (he even helped me with cooking). I did get some important emails done (marketing and promotional stuff--ah--you thought being a writer meant you spent your time writing books? HA! ;-).

But I also saw the email from a fellow Textnovel Diva, Liane Gentry Skye, announcing her withdrawal from the Dorchester America's Best Celler Contest first. Liane has a tremendous number of things currently on her plate. And they aren't little things you can just scoot around and hide under the mashed potatoes. She's done a tremendous thing with her MUSE STRUCK entry and been a real point of light in a brutal competition. And I feel she'll land a contract with MUSE STRUCK. Maybe it's too bad it may not be this one. I like to think it won't be this one because she'll get a bigger one. Liane has best seller potential--regardless of how you spell it. ;-)

Here's the thing I think we tend to forget as we shoot for the stars with our writing: Life is about balance. In publishing we sometimes think if we can just get this far... Get this book published... Land this contract or that agent... Things'll work out. We can relax. Rest on our laurels.

Nope. It's a brutal, judgmental business. I try hard to focus on the positive here because I truly believe this business is hard enough on aspiring authors without me bringing you down. And I AM a lucky, lucky gal (so it's easier to see through rose-colored glasses).

But I want you all to think hard about the road to publication, because if you don't think about it before you're in the thick of it, it'll be even harder. What are you willing to give up for your success? Where will you accept changes and losses?

Liane had to do some real soul-searching to come to this moment and this decision and I'm sad that she had to make a choice at all. But I believe she made the right one. Often the hardest choices are the ones we need to make most.

So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping we see great things from Liane in the future!

Take care, all!


Jennifer L Hart said...

Oh jeeze, I had no idea she was going to withdraw, but it makes sense w/ the burdens Liane is shouldering.

You are so right about the balance. And the desire to make it in publishing/ Oftentimes I feel as if a great deal of my time is frittered away, time I could be spending with family and friends. But I do want it that much.

That book, and many others by the fab Liane, will be in print soon and I'll be at the head of the line for an autograph!

Shannon Delany said...

I agree with you, Jennifer--Liane will make it with or without this contest. I hope we all have just a bit of the grace and poise she regularly demonstrates.

Yep, it's about setting goals and making sacrifices. Just like we ask our characters--what are you willing and able to give up to get your greatest desire?

Take care!

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Oh wow. Shannon. Thank you. This came up in my google alerts, and I just wanted to drop by to say thank you for your words of support. You have no idea how much that means to me. And Jenn...for your lovely comment--thank you. Even in the thick of a journey through my personal version of hell, I am wrapped in blessings.