Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Looky What Sprouted! 13 to Life Available for Pre-Order at!

Great news all-around today!

*please note, trying to adjust color scheme on blog--some ugliness is bound to occur*

13 TO LIFE is up for pre-order at and it got WoW-ed twice! Once by the fabulous Carla over at The Crooked Shelf and once by Jess at Book Reviews ! WOW (makes me very happy)!

And then the fabulous Robin made me a Sprout Countdown (which I hope I'm installing correctly...).


Jessica Kennedy said...

Thanks for linking to me!

I added the Sprout widget to my blog post. It's a little large for a sidebar but I'll give it a try.

Jessica Kennedy said...

I resized the widget. It's on my right sidebar. :) Looks awesome. Thanks to Robin for a great widget!

Book Crazy Jenn said...

Oh awesome! :) Though, LOL Amazon tends to take foever to send anything to me, so LOL I am waiting for this one to hit my local store (which should be that day PRAYING) :) To good to preorder LOL

Jennifer L Hart said...

It's been a good day all around! I just found out that my first Laundry Hag ebook is now available via Kindle so yeah for Amazon Wednesday! Mega Congrats!

Sammi Wyatt said...

Werewolves are theee best. I'll defiantly be checking this out.

<3 Sammi

Shannon Delany said...

Hey Jess! My pleasure to link to your lovely WoW. Isn't Robin awesome (and I'm glad you figured out how to resize it--I need to do that, too. ;-)

Thanks, Jenn! I will remind everyone in the known world the day 13 to Life officially releases. No worries. ;-)

Jennifer--That's AWESOME news! Amazon is really earning points with us today, isn't it?

Hi Sammi! :-) I totally love werewolves, too (which is good since I'll be writing them for a while ;-). I hope you enjoy the book!

Thanks for stopping in, everyone!

Sheila Deeth said...

Woohoo! Cool! Congratulations!