Monday, December 21, 2009

Not-Quite Weekly Werewolf Roundup ;-)

Okay, so I thought it's only fair to mention some of the cool folks who have already started mentioning 13 TO LIFE on their websites. I mean, let's be honest--I'm not doing a ton of press and publicity stuff right now, so anyone who has discovered the existence of my upcoming novel deserves a pat on the back (or a scritch behind the ears, depending ;-).

So here are some of the spots around the blogosphere that I've found mention 13 TO LIFE... Lemme know if I missed anybody (and keep in mind if I know in advance that someone's going to mention the book or myself I'll try to pop in and be available to answer commenters' questions).

1.) At I WAS A TEENAGE BOOK GEEK 13 TO LIFE got named on Lauren's 2010 Debut Author Challenge and is one of her first 12 choices of what to read in the New Year! Woot!

2.) At THE LITTER BOX...SCOOP DAILY! Casse mentions 13 TO LIFE in I've Got Mail & She's Got Swaaaaag and that she got Jay Asher's novel (which she won here). :D

3.) Karen at TEENAGE FICTION FOR ALL AGES spotlighted the 13 TO LIFE book trailer for her Trailer Thursday! (My husband was like, "So, can you tell people I made it for you?" He loves recognition--and did a rockin' job on it! ;-)

4.) Over at Jennzah names 13 TO LIFE as one of the 3 Books of the New Year (and the other two are Linger and Shade--so I'm in AWESOME company ;-). (Jennzah also named 13 TO LIFE in a previous post entitled "Is There Life After Twilight? Of Course There Is!")

5.) At THE CROOKED SHELF Carla mentioned 13 TO LIFE in her Vlog. :D She was the very first person to WoW 13 TO LIFE so I sent her a few wolfy goodies.

6.) At A PASSION FOR BOOKS Casey WoWed 13 TO LIFE! Yay! (I'm so sorry I missed stopping in the day she did it.)

7.) At WONDROUS READS Jenny (another fabulous UK blogger) WoWed 13 TO LIFE. :-)

8.) At BOOK REVIEWS BY JESS Jessica WoWed 13 TO LIFE the same day as Carla, making our first WoW truly international!

9.) L.J. Boldyrev also mentioned 13 TO LIFE on her blog under the title: Keep an Eye Out For This One. She's a very clever girl who is also working on a YA WiP. :-)

10.) Katie at SOPHISTIKATIED REVIEWS also WoWed 13 TO LIFE. :D

11.) At RAMBLINGS OF A BIBLIOPHILE Nikki posted 13 TO LIFE's cover (everyone seems to feel it's gorgeous--and I am very, very lucky!) as one of her Friday Finds.

12.) 13 TO LIFE was also mentioned at THE DAILY DOSE where author Heather V. Long let me give away a jeweled bookmark for her Holiday Giveaway that is very symbolic of the novel. :-)

13.) Katie at BABBLING ABOUT BOOKS AND MORE also gave us some internet coverage before we got the official book cover--she's got the one that got us through ! Talk about spotting us early! :D

14.) At ~BOOK EATER~ Beleth has truly given 13 TO LIFE an international flair . Go now and test your Spanish language skills---Es muy bien! :-)

Thank you all for your interest and support of my debut novel--it truly makes my holiday season even merrier! :-)


Sheila Deeth said...

Woohoo. Nice to see the spreading news.

Shannon Delany said...

Thanks, Sheila--It makes me very happy to see so many different people taking an interest in the book already. :D

L.J. Boldyrev said...

Thanks for the mention, Shannon! I feel honored. Quite a few folks are waiting on this one, including a friend of mine with the surname Rusakova! :)

Shannon Delany said...

LOL--Lacey, I hope your friend with the same surname as some of my main characters enjoys 13 TO LIFE! :-) Thanks for mentioning the book, it all helps. :-)

Beleth said...

Its good to see that many people have discovered it and i have to agree to all of them, the cover is soooo pretty.
So you know, I also posted it on my blog :D

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...


Shannon Delany said...

Beleth and Katie--Woot! Sorry sweethearts--how'd I miss you both? Geez. Must be slippin'...

Adding you now... Thanks a bunch!

soycazadoradesombrasylibros said...

Hola Shannon;)
In Spain little by little some blogs
are speak about your book¡¡is in my list of the waiting books¡¡¡
;)all the best for it¡¡¡
looks very very well¡¡¡
big kisses and
merry christmas from Spain

LovesSam said...

Wolf goodies = best present EVER, Just sayin!

Ms Delany you rock my socks off lady, and I can't wait to read the book.

Love, The Wolf Girl xo

Shannon Delany said...

Hola, Maria! Muchas gracias! I appreciate your interest in 13 to Life and will add your blog's link, too. :-) Hugs and kisses from the USA to your lovely country! Feliz navidad!

Hey Carla--you're terrific! I'm SO glad you liked the wolfy goodness I sent you and I hope, hope, hope you and the UK bloggers enjoy the ARC. Happy holidays, Wolf Girl! :-) XOXO

inthehammockblog said...

Awesome! I've been seeing a lot about your book around the blogosphere! I can't wait to read it! What an adorable pic, by the way :)