Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weird Wednesday: Prompts for Paranormally-Inspired Authors

Yeah, yeah. It used to be Wereword Wednesday. No, I haven't run out of were-related words, but I thought perhaps I'd expand my horizons...

BUT FIRST. I got doubly good news to share today! 13 TO LIFE is available for pre-order at TODAY! I am SO excited I've sort of been thrashing around, giggling madly, etc. Here's the link to pre-order: AND. 13 TO LIFE got WOW-ed over at The Crooked Shelf---VERY flattering to be WOW-ed! So, if you'd like to order your copy of 13 TO LIFE you can now! :-) And please stop by The Crooked Shelf--Carla has an absolutely lovely blog. If you like wolves, you'll adore Carla. :D

Okay, back to our Wednesday Weirdness...

I'm going to list some weird stuff that I heard about over the course of my Thanksgiving holiday (seriously) and hope that one of these things, used as a potential writer's prompt, may help getting you thinking outside the box.

1. The invention of the lung flute (yes, this is the one instrument I may be able to use properly--ewww ;-). Pretty weird, huh? What other ways might similar technology or knowledge be used?

2.) A rash of strange cattle mutilations. Okay, you HAVE TO read the comments, too. Some of them by themselves can prompt your imagination.

3.) The derailment of the train in Moscow, leaving a crater beneath the tracks and killing around 30 people. Don't listen to the news on this one--come up with your own explanation. It happened on the Nevsky track and Nevsky was THE hero of the Russian people. How might that tie in?

4.) A Japanese gentleman recently married his video game girlfriend. No, not like he and the woman behind an avatar met and married--he married a character (which makes him a bit of a character, too, imho).

5.) oldie but goodie for prompting your imagination... Pick up a children's book. Read the first three to five pages. Close it. Now write down what happens next. At the end of your brand new story, go back and rewrite a more suitable and stunning beginning.

6.) One more prompt... Randomly look at a photo (you can glance at Facebook friends' albums or Flickr albums or whatever--as long as you don't naturally bring too many preconceived notions with you) and write a story related to the thousand words that picture's worth.

Good luck!


Jessica Kennedy said...

I love Carla's blog! :) I'm a huge shifter fan and she's always on the up and up concerning them! :)

Wednesday Weirdness was very cool! :)

Shannon Delany said...

Thanks, Jess! Oddly enough these were all pretty much topics throughout the Thanksgiving vacation with my brother and father visiting... Never a dull moment! :D