Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm a Lucky, Lucky Girl

There are plenty of moments in life that make you stand back and just shake your head. And then there are the moments you punch at the sky, do a little happy dance and remember how truly blessed you are.

Friday's email was a happy dance moment and, life being short, I like to dwell on those things.

In my inbox I got reintroduced to Eileen (we'd spoken very briefly during a conference call with my editor Michael, Marketing gurus Anne Marie and Eileen, Publicity go-to gal Katy and my agent Stan--and Kara--can't forget Kara!).

Please note: I will always remind you that the birth of my books is a team effort. Yes, I imagine, write and revise them. But those folks listed above? They make sure everything comes together. They keep me sane. Ish. And they do their jobs tremendously well.

Just reading Eileen's brief note (which starts out with a perky Happy Friday!) made me feel absolutely awesome. Why? Because she told me she asked to work on marketing my book because: "13 to Life is a really wonderful spin on the werewolf tale." (And she's a fan of YA paranormals, etc. :-)

Yes, I'm a lucky, lucky girl. It matters so much when people believe in your story and your skill in telling it.

I have a great team backing my series and they're happy to give pats on the back to their authors. I wish I could say that's standard operating procedure in all publishing houses, but over the last year of chatting with an assortment of different (and very talented authors) I've learned I'm treated very well. And it seems to be a company norm with SMP. They seem to seriously love what they do and the people they work with.

So the moral of this story, aspiring authors? Don't just look at if a company will release in paperback or hardcover first, or how much money they'll give you in an advance, or what rights you'll retain (yes, these are all important things--of course) but check out how they treat their people.

Remember, once you sign that contract you're essentially living with them for the life of your series. Me? I'm waaay picky about who I live with. ;-)

Wishing you all much love and luck!


Shannon Delany said...

Quick note in addition--

I'm also very thankful to everyone who commented on Friday's bling post--awesome ideas! Woot! Thank you, thank you!

Jennifer L Hart said...


That's such a great thing to hear, I'm happy for you! And it's wonderful to see that you are so thankful for the people in your life, you truly are a great person as well as a dedicated writer!

Amelia said...

:) I hope I get just as lucky if I'm ever published.

Congrats. And kudos to your fabulous team. :)

soycazadoradesombrasylibros said...

Querida Shannon¡¡¡
Felicidades¡¡¡¡te lo mereces¡¡¡
Congratulations¡¡¡its a good news¡¡¡¡
big kisses¡¡¡i read all your post¡¡because¡¡im really sure¡¡that your books will be an exit¡¡¡
Big big kisses

Shannon Delany said...

Jennifer, thank you so much for your kind words. I definitely try to keep in mind the many ways I'm fortunate. *hugs*

Amelia, I hope all aspiring authors get the opportunity to be at the spot I'm at, too. It's amazing and I couldn't have gotten here without the inspiration and help of many people. May you also find a fabulous team!

Shannon Delany said...

Muchas gracias, Maria! I appreciate your kind words and support! :-) Hugs and kisses!