Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The New Year and Writing Goals

Ugh. Since it's the New Year (still has a bit of shine on it) I thought I'd mention some of my goals here. Most of them connect directly with the 13 to Life series (which works since this blog's pretty much about the series).

First a few updates:
  1. I'm quoted in two (yeppers) two articles by authors I admire in a publication that really is THE publication for RWA (RWR Jan. 2010). I'm in Mindy Klasky's Coping with Crunch Time and Ann Aguirre's These Laurels are Not For Resting: Staying Productive and Meeting Deadlines. These ladies know what they're talking about, so being given a chance to express my opinion in their articles is a huge pat on the back.
  2. I'm nearly done with my revisions for 13 to Life book 2 (which still needs a title!).
  3. I'm creating some Blog Bling for you all to decorate with (if you so choose). Some are like badges and buttons, some are not... I hope to release the first one or two this month...
  4. I'm also experimenting with Sprouts. More on that later, too.
  5. I've started a blog just for aspiring authors. Yes. Arrrgh! I figure so many people have helped me along the way, it's important to help others.
  6. I'm fielding more requests for interviews and guest posts and related stuff and I'm filling in my calendar. If you know someone who'd like me to blather on about books or werewolves at their site, send 'em my way. ;-)
  7. My author site is getting a facelift and I've added some games and activities there. Soon it will connect in with a 13 to Life site specifically (one JUST for the series) with some weird little goodies being put together by a pro. :D
Okay, 2010 Writing-related GOALS:

  1. Book 2 revisions back to SMP before Jan. 31. (I'm shooting for sending it out the 14th, but we'll see.)
  2. Get lists of bloggers wanting an ARC to Publicity before Jan. 20.
  3. Send letters out to local schools about speaking to creative writing classes this spring (before Jan. 31).
  4. Reconnect with ShootingStarsMagazine, Bitten By Books, Fresh Fiction and RT about advertising, interviews, contests, etc.
  5. Reconnect with local bookstores to see how plans are progressing for an event... I'll wait another week on that one.
  6. Book 3 rough draft fleshed out by Feb. 10 (Okay, rereading that, I think I may have had a bit too much champagne before originally writing it--huh. I may reassess that one...)
  7. Have the prequel short story Marketing requested to them by Feb. 19.
  8. Have additional prequel for Marketing before the middle of March.
  9. Get Facebook and Myspace pages up and running.
  10. Blog at least once a week here and with the Divas and with the new blog.
  11. Get back to Textnovel.com at least one a week.
  12. Have fresh Blog Bling to decorate fan and blogger sites every 2-3 weeks.
  13. Complete at least one more trailer before book 1's release.
  14. Make arrangements for the events I'll be at (before February).
  15. Check 2k10 every weekday.
  16. After book 2's away, write 3k per weekday (to allow me to get at least two other projects roughed out as well this year).
I think that's most of them (and notice, they aren't arranged except vaguely by chronology). I also didn't arrange them by longterm and shortterm, so don't set your goals like I did here (I'm mainly sharing them for the purpose of accountability). ;-)

Okay, I gotta' go--obviously I have stuff to do!
Hugs all around!


Sheila Deeth said...

Cool! Very down-to-earth goals, and a high-flying dream landing softly and beautifully. Good luck with all of it!

Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

*snorts* too much champagne funny. I do that often but with Manischewtz, and then look back like 'woah Casse, ambitious much?'. Okay wait, often sounds like I have a need for a wine intervention which I do not. Okay *shakes head* anyway. Good goals. I need to sit down and get my realistic goals sketched out and plans to acheive them. Okay I am done..

Jennifer L Hart said...

Come blather over at the Laundry List about anything you like, anytime you like! I'm all about the teamwork!

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Oh, I DEFINITELY want to do an interview with you on my blog. I'm still sort of new to all this interviewing thing, so I'm not sure if I should email you this early? Though I guess I should before all those other fanatics (like me) get their hands on you. *o*
And great goals! It's very generous of you to start a blog for aspiring writers. I'm sure it'll be extremely encouraging!

Shannon Delany said...

Hi girls!

Sheila, thank you. The planning and goal-setting's helping keep my head in the game (and my nose to the grindstone).

Casse--LOL. Setting goals (achievable and realistic) is a tougher thing than most people will give you credit for--go for it!

Jennifer, I will *totally* come and ramble on about writing, etc. Lemme know when's good for you. I'm still filling in dates for interviews and guest posts. :D

Jenn, absolutely email me ASAP --use info (at) shannondelany (dot) com . The sooner I can get people scheduled in on my calendar, the better. :-) And it's totally okay that you're new to interviewing--I'm new to lots of this too. :D I'm more than happy to talk to bloggers and interviewers at all levels/stages.

I hope you all are doing wonderfully! Back to book 2 revisions...

Mundie Moms said...

YAY for the sequel to 13 To Life!!! We can't wait! We wish you all the luck in working on it. THank you for visiting with us on Mundie Moms this week.

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Emailed! And aww, thanks. :)