Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pushing Forward: Book 3 Snippets

So last week I sent book 2 (still untitled--ugh!) back to my editor, Michael. Now I'm firmly in book 3. Book 3 started as a rough draft written in two weeks using the basic concept of fast drafting (a killer technique for pounding out your story--70k worth in 14 days--author Candace Havens' idea). So this book? She's an ugly baby. ;-)

Ugh. Lee.

But it's getting better every day.

Here's a snippet from book 3 (still rough) to just give you an idea:

He roars. She’s right. He can’t change-—can’t shift—-can’t let the wolf inside free to fight. His expression twisting with rage, he struggles to keep from showing what’s really inside—-his fear that he finally can’t keep a promise to her. And this may be his most important promise yet.

And if you want to see a snippet from when I was deep in writing the draft itself:

Gotta' go! *hugs*


Jessica Kennedy said...

Wow. I'd really like to read book 1! Already getting snippets to book 2 is such a tease!

inthehammockblog said...

Oooh, I love the snippets!! I can't wait for book 1 to be released!

Shannon Delany said...

LOL--Glad you both enjoyed the snippets! Sharing bits and pieces helps me stay motivated and focused because I rethink each one as I share them. :-)