Friday, January 29, 2010

Single ARC Tour of 13 TO LIFE to UK Book Bloggers

My UK ARC tour of 13 to Life has started (it's been read by one reviewer and is in the hands of a second). There is only one ARC traveling the UK (and it took some work to get it there).

If you know a UK book blogger or are a UK book blogger or love a UK book let them know they can sign up for the ARC tour right now over at The Crooked Shelf. The Crooked Shelf's Carla has been instrumental in orchestrating all of this and I REALLY appreciate her efforts. We have a list of bloggers already, but I want the tour to be as inclusive as possible.

If you Twitter, you can do me a HUGE favor by reTweeting the following message:

UK ARC Tour of 13 TO LIFE debut YA novel by @Shannon_Delany ...Go, go, go! Werewolf-y goodness!


UK book bloggers! Wanna read the 1 ARC of YA paranormal 13 TO LIFE traveling the UK? Sign up now:


UK book reviewers! Want to read & review YA paranormal (werewolf-y goodness) debut 13 TO LIFE? Sign up:

I have a reserve list of bloggers beyond the signup, but I want to make sure any UK book bloggers or book reviewers who want to read this one ARC traveling the UK have the opportunity to.

Thank you, thank you, to any and all who pass along the message!

I hope you're all staying warm and that I can share some cool news with you next week... Crossing my fingers...
PS--My apologies to Canada and Spain (both of which have multiple people asking me to send an ARC to each of their lovely countries--and I can say lovely from experience as I've been to both). Unfortunately I'm being told I *must* keep my focus on book 1 here. Of course, my husband, family and friends are all hoping book 1 does so well that for book 2 we get access to even more ARCs, but time will tell!


Beleth said...

UK-lucky people :P the rest of us we'll have to wait til the release date~

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Ahh, I'm with Beleth. I hope the UK readers enjoy though!: :)

Lauren said...

This is such an awesome idea. I've put my name down (in a slightly over-excited fashion, actually) and will RT.

LovesSam said...

Yes we are very very very lucky, and I love Shannon very muchly