Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blog Award, Blog Award!

Yesterday Casse won Alyson Noel's 2nd novel in her Immortals Series (BLUE MOON) and on Tuesday we'll do some more contest stuff--maybe "Warm Up with a Werewolf?" I *do* have a copy of SHIVER to give away... BWA-HA-HA! And if you like memorable kissing scenes, Shiver's been nominated more than once for The Smoochies. ;-)

But for now... This blog was awarded the "Honest Scrap" award from the lovely gals over at Sisters in Scribe. From what I've gathered, this means I have to tell you 10 honest things (mainly about me, maybe about the book?) and then I need to nominate a blog or two to pass it on to. So first, my swag. :-)

1.) Shannon Delany is my second pseudonym at this point and was chosen by my publisher from a list I submitted after it was obvious the original pseudonym would make people's brains hurt.
2.) I *totally* have a fixation with names (and yes, that's sorta a hint about some stuff in the 13 to Life series).
3.) I live on a nearly 30 acre farm where we tap our maple trees for sap and syrup and raise heritage livestock (like Highland cattle, Muscovy ducks and Jacob sheep).
4.) Many of our sheep have 4 horns. Honest. They're what are called polycerates. <--You may need to know that someday. For your blog. Or the SATs. Honest. ;-)
5.) My formal education (elementary, secondary and 5--yes, 5 years of college) have all influenced this series in some way or other, so don't tell me you'll never use what you learn in school--you may someday be quite surprised. ;-)
6.) I absolutely love fancy coffee, good hearty bread and chocolate. They do not necessarily return my feelings.
7.) Baking is a way I relieve stress.
8.) I procrastinate when I'm freaked. And no, that doesn't reduce the rate of freak-out going on. So don't procrastinate. At least not now--maybe later. ;-)
9.) I am a "glass is more than half-full" type of person and see even difficult challenges as things to learn from. And poke with a sharp stick.
10.) I love people (often more from a distance than up close as I find our species amazingly fascinating to watch). Yes. When I can I go to a busy mall on Black Friday just to watch. I've overheard and seen intriguing things that have worked into stories as a result.

Now, there are a TON of blogs deserving of this award, but I'm going to pass it on to The Textnovel Divas (because if you're looking for honesty--oh, boy, is it there) and Girl Meets Word (an awesome blog for writers by Jess Rosen).

Have a great weekend--I'll be back on Tuesday with a contest again (and maybe something interesting before that).
PS--For the curious, Amazon still doesn't have me linked for pre-orders. That makes this day 7. On the seventh day even God gave it a rest, Amazon. Seriously. ;-)


L.J. Boldyrev said...

Very cool! I grew up on a horse ranch with 500 acres, mostly mountain, and 13 horses, a few cows, goats etc.

I had no idea Shannon was a pseudonym! Now I'm curious to know what your name is and why you chose a pseudonym.

Thanks for playing!
(Lacey from Sisters in Scribe)

Beleth said...

The 10 things are very interesting. Sheeps with 4 horns? i've never seen that, must be sooo cute!
I also tend to cook when i'm stressed, its the only time i do it on purpose.

Book Crazy Jenn said...

AWESOME - I loved learning more about you, and the suddle hints about 13 to Life - :) Exciting...Gosh I cant wait till that book comes out! :)

Anonymous said...
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Shannon Delany said...

Hi Lacey! The idea of 500 acres just makes me salivate! I got to ride horses at summer camp and occasionally elsewhere but owning them? *sigh* Not so lucky. ;-) Thanks so much for this award, btw. :D

Hi Beleth! The sheep are pretty cute (and a bit freakish ;-). I'll need to dig up some photos.

Thanks, Jenn, glad you enjoyed finding out a little more about me. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Congrats on the award!! And, lol, procrastination is the best thing to do when you're under a stressful situation... then super freak-out for a few hours later. XD

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Lauren said...

I love your ten honest things, although as a city girl I am kinda scared of sheep. Four horns = even scarier!

I didn't realise Shannon was a pseudonym either. That must be hard to get used to.

Oh and don't worry. I can't speak for bread or coffee, but I'm pretty sure chocolate loves you back. :D

soycazadoradesombrasylibros said...

Querida Shannon
Me encantaron las 10 cosas que comentas;)
I love know more about you¡¡
Kisses Maria

Congratulations¡¡for the awards¡¡¡¡
is the first of more¡¡¡¡

Anonymous said...
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