Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 5 of the Amazon vs. Macmillan Standoff--No, You Can't BUY Our Books So I'll Give Some Away

So. I'm beginning to believe we've been had, dear chums. Whereas it took Amazon only a day (at most) to remove the buy buttons (and pre-order buttons) it's currently 5:52 am on the east coast and I've checked a few fellow Macmillan authors Amazon pages (and my own) and nobody's paperbacks appear to be available yet.

The conspiracy theorist in me (hey, I write werewolves) wonders if the fact the only contact Amazon's had with the outside world (through a note on an Amazon forum signed only by the "Amazon Kindle Team") was a way to distract us. To make us think the standoff was over so we would shut up and take our punishment and finally cave.

The sweetheart in me (yep, I get to have a variety pack of personalities on this one ;-) hopes to God the conspiracy theorist is wrong and that the Amazon employee stuck fixing this mess has simply misplaced his/her thumbs (thereby slowing the process).

BUT. Since I don't know what's going on in the head of Mr. Bezo (and I doubt his stockholders do either, judging by stock's drop yesterday) I'm going to run a contest. BWA-HA-HA!

Can't BUY Alyson Noel's BLUE MOON in paperback at Amazon? Who cares. I'll give it to you for free. Can't BUY PC Cast's MARKED, CHOSEN, UNTAMED or BETRAYED? Who cares. I'm giving them away.*

Let's start with PC Cast's MARKED (the first in the very popular House of Night series). You want vamps? We've got your vamps. You want alternative lifestyles, teen angst, and alternate religions in an underground society struggling against its own internal problems? Check, check, check, check!

So, what do you have to do? Just leave a comment saying why you'd LOVE to win MARKED here by 7am EST tomorrow and tomorrow morning at 8am I'll roll the dice and announce a winner (I'll mail books Friday or Saturday).

So let's have some fun and give away some prizes regardless of Amazon.con.

*Please note, I was going to do this contest this month anyhow, but my starting lineup was going to be different. This, somehow, makes it even a little more enjoyable.



Beleth said...

I cant still believe what amazon did...*sighs* i think im never going to buy anything from them again :/
Anyway, dont count me for the contest since i already have it, but i hope you get many entries :D!

Sarah said...

Firtsly is this open to UK? If so, I'd love to win Marked just so I can post a review on Amazon and rub their noses in it.

Kassi said...

I would love to win a copy of Marked because i am in full support of a vampire (or vampyre, in this case) series that is a) not Twilight and b) actually well written. Don't get me started on Zoey and her string of men though..

Shannon Delany said...

Sarah, this one is open to US, UK, Canada, etc (the whole world). I'll probably have to tighten the reins later (when the husband notices the shipping costs ;-) but I'll make that clear in whatever post it applies to. For now, you're golden. ;-)


lynseynewton said...

I echo Sarah's comments (hope it's open to the UK). I've never read anything by PC Cast but would like to so please count me in! LOVING the contest and the snarky Amazon comments ;)

Liyana said...

I'd love to win a copy of Marked because I've read every book in the House of Night series. *grin*

marjorielight said...

If I win, I'll review on my blog, not Amazon & link it back here via Twitter & Facebook! Thanks for the contest...I needed some excitement since the Phil the Groundhog will predict ten more weeks of winter for my part of the US! :-)

RM said...

I'd love to win because I've never read this author and I'm always up for a new paranormal series.

Jennifer L Hart said...

Hey Shannon,

Think of it this way, it takes a master artist to create a beautiful sketch, but any toddler can erase it. Any bozo can hit delete but to undo that mess? How many McMillian books do you think were previously listed on Amazon? If they have to go through and reload them, one at a time it might just take awhile.

If that is the case, they've totally screwed themselved but good ;-)

Indigo said...

I've checked in on Amazon too and noooo...they haven't replaced the buy buttons yet. I seriously think they're dragging this one out on purpose. Last I heard they were supposed to start the process some time last night. Amazingly I haven't noticed a single change yet. Sigh.

Nope not happy with them. I find it hard to believe they can't replace them, as quickly as they took them down. This is definitely a stick it in your eye move toward Macmillan.

No need to add me to the drawing, I
already have Marked sitting in my TBR pile. Wonderful idea for the giveaway. (Hugs)Indigo

ninidee said...

I'd love to win a copy of this book because I have not read any of these as of yet and would love to jump on the bandwagon.



Trisha Thomas said...

I'd love Marked and 13 to Life!
This has all been so profoundly eye opening. When you realize how much power other people have over your life that they can just pull the plug.

Heather said...

You go girl! That's the spirit! I have MARKED so you can leave me out of the contest. Love the idea though!

Shannon Delany said...

Good--glad everybody's excited about winning MARKED (or at least voicing your opinion--I'll take either, thanks ;-).

Over at author John Scalzi's blog he also has a great suggestion you might take a gander at: http://bit.ly/9dQvki . He's suggesting you find a Macmillan book you like and order it somewhere (or visit a local brick-and-mortar book store--where most of the books I'm giving away were purchased) to support an author (regardless of your stance in all this). You could also find a Macmillan author and buy a book of theirs not from Macmillan just to support the author him/herself. One more reason John Scalzi's a smart, smart man. :-)

Again--it's about reader choices and the readers' power in the marketplace.

Jessica Kennedy said...

Poor Amazon, can't clean up their mess.

Barbara E. said...

I would love to win Marked because I love vampire stories and I haven't had a chance to read any of PC Cast's books yet.

Rebecca Herman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rebecca Herman said...

Removed above post cause I pressed submit too soon!

To support Macmillan I made a couple posts on my blog highlighting some great Macmillan books current and upcoming releases.

I've heard that now HarperCollins wants to raise ebook prices, will Amazon delist their books next? I wouldn't actually mind seeing Amazon do that, they keep delisting major publishers books, they will lose business. Most people who buy books on Amazon do so because they carried everything, if they don't people will not think about the politics, they will just think, well this so-called world's largest bookstore won't sell me what I want, I'm taking my money elsewhere.

Shannon Delany said...

My five year old has rolled the dice, counted and...

Barbara E--you're our first winner! Please e-me at: info AT shannondelany DOT com with your mailing address.

Beleth, I sincerely hope Amazon grows up--this isn't the first thing they've done to publishers (and authors). I've learned a lot about their past as a result of this and though I don't currently support their reaction to Macmillan's talks (and my pre-orders are *still* not available for purchase there), I'll eventually try and give them a second chance.

LOL--Sarah, I appreciate your willingness to support our authors.

Kassi, I'll also have BETRAYED, CHOSEN and UNTAMED in the contest this month. lol--Zoey definitely has some interesting relationships.

Lynsey, come back again to see the other books of Cast's I'll have. Same series and all with the American covers (which looks different from the UK ones I've seen).

Liyana--hi, hon! Plenty more of her stuff coming up during this contest. :D

Marjorie--Ten more weeks! Ugh. Well, I'll try and entertain you all despite it! ;-)

RM--Cast is definitely worth checking out. She's created a distinct world, pantheon and population. I've enjoyed each of her books so far (and met her in person--she's wonderful).

Jennifer--I agree, hon. They've made a mess of something that could have been handled far more gracefully.

Thanks, Indigo--yep, this definitely feels like they're stalling just to try and muscle Macmillan around. *sigh* It doesn't help their PR, don't they get that?

Hi Maribeth! You'll have lots of chances to win if you stop in a few times this month. :-)

Trisha, I know. I thought I was insulated from some of the slings and arrows of business thanks to signing with a big company, but this has been eye-opening to me too!

Hi Heather! Thanks, hon! I appreciate the support.

I know, Jessica, I woulda thought better of them. *sigh*

Barbara--you won! E-me! :D

Rebecca, thank you SO much for showing so much support for our authors. they're the ones really feeling the pinch right now. Macmillan's not the first publisher Amazon's moved against, but I think we're the loudest authors. ;-)