Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 6 of the Macmillan vs Amazon Standoff = Day 2 of My Contest!

My book's still not back up for pre-order at Amazon.con . Whatever. The good news is:

Barbara E. is our first contest winner and gets PC Cast's novel MARKED.
Barbara, e-me at info AT shannondelany DOT com with your physical address. :-) And since Barbara hails from the lovely state of Florida, this means this next contest is STILL open to international winners. (Yep, the husband read the blog and understands shipping but is letting me go at least one round internationally ;-)

Today, let's give away another book by a Macmillan author I adore. Let's give away BLUE MOON by Alyson Noel. Alyson's also a sweetheart and her editor LOVES her and adores the skill with which she writes. BLUE MOON is the second novel in the Immortals series (if I can figure out where EVERMORE got to I'll give it away later this month, too).

So, if you want to read BLUE MOON (or try a book by this particular NYT bestselling author) here's your chance. Although it's the second in the series, Alyson does a great job catching you up. You want teen angst? Want immortals without fangs? Want love that lasts beyond a single lifetime and is tested? This is a book for you! Tell me why you want to win and tomorrow we'll roll the dice and choose a winner around 8-ish. So comment before 7am EST tomorrow morning to enter for this trade paperback.

Good luck!


Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

Its like you read my mind. This was the book I ordered the night before Amazon decided to go all "righteous" over ebook prices and sent me a sad email saying my book was not available. So maybe I will be lucky and win! I won Evermore from SMP in november...soooo it might be mi suerte to get another free one? Everybody nod and agree. lol

Shannon Delany said...

LOL-- Looking around, it appears you ARE our lucky winner, Casse! This is *too* funny considering how many folks got involved on Tuesday's one and then here... You make a suggestion and all that's left is the chirping of crickets. :D *That* is the power of Casse! LOL

Congrats! I *think* I have your address from before, but I need to check.

Jessica Kennedy said...

Ick. I'm NOT a fan of Alyson Noel. Don't enter me. Just wanted to comment that it's sad that Amazon doesn't have working links yet. There can't be a technical issue about getting them back up there. :(

Dirk said...

Hachette joins Macmillan and HarperCollins to denounce Amazon's $10 price point!: