Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Day in the Life of One YA Author

I get a decent number of folks who say they wish they were me. And I'll be honest--being me's not bad most of the time. But it's busy. So today I'm going to blog about what I'm doing from moment to moment (more or less) so you get an idea of what things look like from my side of the fence. This is a typical day for me (though, luckily not a typical Saturday). This blog will grow throughout the day as I add to it, updating it.

6:42 am --Awake. Shower's done. Radio's on. Dogs go out and I'm starting Twitter. Had some very sweet people #FF me yesterday. Will need to thank them in a little bit.

6:48 am--Removed spam from previous post's comments. My name's not Alyce, my dear sweetheart spammer. If you want me to even think about following some Anonymous person's link (yeah, riiight) at least try the correct first name.

6:55 am-- Started the ever-growing Day in the Life post here. Arrrgh! ;-)

7:10 am--Coffee's started and things are ready to make French toast (not typical most days, but it's Saturday!).

7:30 am --usually the boy's headed off to school (if this were a typical workday and not Saturday) so let's put him here...

7:42--Husband's taken over making the French toast (saw my spread of pretty cinnamon-raisin bread and said, "Nice presentation. You think you're going to fool them?" Me: "Just for a little while, I hope." ;-). LOL! Also, got an offer for the Class of 2k10 to participate in something cool, will have to forward the info to our classroom/forum soon. I'm excited! :-)

8:01 am-- The guys are finishing breakfast. Dogs have been in, eaten and decided to go back out. Got a picture of Hunter (my "paranormal puppy") but Maggie just kept swinging her butt around to block the camera's view. She must think it's her better side. *shrug*

9:30 am-- Livestock over here (Jacob sheep like Pop... and Dill......And Domino-->...And Mo-->...And Apple-->...And Cro (our handsome RR ram)... have breakfast). Meanwhile our geese(look at that red-eye--only proves they're part demon!) get shy while Hunter complains to me about the very existence of geese and such fowl beasts.

11:30am--Have caught up on Class of 2k10 messages (everyone's sharing such great news! very proud of all of them!), mentioned some more stuff about BEA (this is going to be so much fun!), and posted about an opportunity for us at a great site that has invited us to do something really cool. Have checked the order husband's putting in for more swag--tote, t-shirt, signage, etc (some like that, some different). Cool stuff--deal we just can't beat! Need to start lunch--leftover soup stock with new additions to make it fabulously fresh (or at least less left-over-y).

1:30 pm -- Survived the soup (aka lunch). The key to leftovers? Grated Asiago cheese. Seriously. Fancies everything right up. ;-)

2:30 pm-- Hooked back in to Class of 2k10 stuff. Trying to keep on top of things since right now I'm seemingly a bit of a mover and shaker with ideas and such (usually I'm a lurker and watch them think ;-). Glad to give back.

3:00 pm-- Realized my Goodreads calendar and my planner no longer match! Aaack! Trying to update both I realized even my good erasers go bad and create unattractive smears on paper. Fab. Also, not as many dates left for the blog tour as I thought. This is both good and bad. *twitch* Have an idea to unite most of the spots I'm hitting for my June blog tour that's absolutely suitable considering 13 to Life's genesis (husband will search for basic image to doctor so we have a little button-y thing). The connection I've devised requires me contacting Eileen at SMP to make sure we aren't doing too much that crosses over.

3:20 pm--Just realized something must be done about dinner and it looks like it won't be the crock-pot meal I was considering. Ugh. Must search through freezer. Emailed mentee--the attachment I was hoping to see never made it to me. Brainstormed a little in emails with Classmates. Okay. Freezer.

3:27 pm -- One crisis averted. Tonight's dinner? Stir fry. Thank goodness for freezers. And Aldi's. Back to emails--the belly of the beast!

4:58 pm-- Have sent suggested dates to four book bloggers interested in hosting interviews with me. Have six more on my list (right now) to respond to. Emailed another BTR host, too. Realizing I'm running out of days in June. Why does it only have 30?

7:30 pm-- Made, served, ate and cleaned up after dinner. Dogs were fed. Emailed six bloggers requesting blog tour dates and now have 10 more to contact. Stunned by how many great blogs there are! Have signed up on Now trying to get my blog tour dates listed there, too.

8:30 pm-- Got my events and blog tour dates listed on through May. Then popped over to LibraryThing to put up a snaggable photo. Going to check the email one more time and call it a night. Not bad for a day's work. *twitch* LOL!

Have an awesome weekend, folks!


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Wow you have a lot of goats there. ;)

Anonymous said...
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Shannon Delany said...

Katie--Not goats, not goats! LOL! Sheep. Generally sweet, fluffy sheep. Okay, generally sweet and fluffy sheep capable of disemboweling a person several different ways thanks to so many horns, but still... Less smelly and less willing to share how babies are made than goats. ;-) *g*


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

My bad! Do you know I have a pet demon sheep named Mho Fho?

Cleverly Inked said...

A full house going on there

Shannon Delany said...

Katie--LOL! I think I've probably had one named that, too. ;-)

Cleverly Inked--Yep, things are pretty busy here (and I didn't bother with pictures of the other birds or the Highland Cattle). ;-)

Take care!

L.J. Boldyrev said...

Sheesh! Busy much? Love the photos! Is it possible Hunter is part Catahoula Leopard dog? I had one (Harley) and his face and markings remind me of her.

Happy Sunday!

Shannon Delany said...

Hey Lacey! Just a typical day around here. :-) I've wondered a lot about what Hunter is (and everyone has their own opinion). He's got the brindling (and until recently the leanness), face length and long legs that make me think greyhound and the saddle mark and tail that remind me of a German Shepherd. His howl is something that rivals wolves and puts coyotes to shame, so I have no idea. The vet's secretaries even tried to guess and put something interesting (can't remember what offhand) on his local records. I'm cool with him regardless of his breeding (or lack thereof). I've always been happy with "he's--a good dog." ;-)

Have an awesome Sunday yourself!