Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goodreads Giveaway of 13 TO LIFE ARCs

Woo-hoo! Eileen of St. Martin's Press (a fabulous gal who is doing tons of things for the release of 13 TO LIFE: A WEREWOLF'S TALE) let me know that there's an ARC giveaway of 10 copies running right now at Goodreads. If you are a member of the Goodreads community (and I expect a number of you are) and are a US resident go and sign up to win at this location: . This contest runs into the beginning of April (and from what I understand there will be an April giveaway hosted by LibraryThing!).

Good luck (and remember the contest for SHIVER runs until tomorrow morning at 7am EST--leave a comment at that post to enter)!

Stay warm and safe--today's a snow day here. :-)


Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Ho snap! TEN copies. *crosses fingers*
And, yep, our snow over here is higher than our porch table - 3+ feet and still snowing. Hope you stay warm and safe! :)

Book Crazy Jenn said...

WOOT entered to win! Thank you!

I hope you stay warm it's still snowing here EAK!

php said...

Wow - Great cover! Congratulations. I'm in New Zealand, so can't enter the give-a-way, but hopefully we won't be too much later with the release date.
Sounds like the start of a great series, looking forward to reading it.

Shannon Delany said...

Jenns (is your existence a matter of "great minds think alike"--this year I've met lots of wonderful and talented Jenns and Heathers...) glad you both entered! Good luck! :-)

php--Thanks! I got really lucky on the cover art (Ervin Serrano did the design and everyone keeps saying it's beautiful--I agree ;-). Sorry you can't enter (but lucky you, living in New Zealand!). I hope you love the series--It's been a wonderful journey to publication and SO much fun to write!


Jessica Kennedy said...

Only 10 copies! How sad! :( I hope to receive one! :)