Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blog Award Goodness

Fellow Class of 2k10 member and debut author of the upcoming novel, Faithful, Janet Fox recently spread some blog award love around and named my little spot on the blogosphere as worthy of the "One Lovely Blog Award."

As Janet points out on her post "This is such a nice way to “grow” the blogging community." It's very sweet and wonderfully appreciated. But such things always make me wonder: Who do I pass this along to? Who gets it without me somehow offending someone else?

There are so many great blogs (and amazing bloggers) and so many have tremendous and mindblowing sites, but I'm not sure who I follow (and I must be honest, I don't follow many blogs--there's just not enough time) has a "lovely" blog.

"Lovely" (to me) speaks of beauty and class (which isn't a problem finding among the sites I peek at) but it also makes me think: frilly, ornate, pink, lacy and maybe even a bit Victorian. I'm pretty certain this rules out me nominating Jon Scalzi's blog (btw, I love his stuff) Jackie Kessler, Ann Aguirre and Heather Brewer (all with blogs I lurk at from time to time) would all raise an eyebrow at me if I nominated them, but who knows?

My brother (a recent addition to the blogging realm) would kick my one lovely butt (verbally) if I dared award it to him (though his blog is rather lovely in a dark sorta way ;-).

And a bunch of my fellow Class of 2k10 members already made Janet's list (clever girl :-) so they're no longer available to me. And what if I name book bloggers? Will some crazed skeptics think I'm giving the award as a way to somehow bribe bloggers? Of course they would (hence the nickname "crazed skeptics").

So this week I'm going to wander the blogosphere trying to decide who to give this award to. And I'm thinking it's going to land in the laps of some creative writers, aspiring authors and, yes, crazed skeptics--book bloggers with pretty blogs.

Wish me luck! Thanks again, Janet-- I do truly appreciate the award. :-)


Jessica Kennedy said...

Congrats on the award! I've gotten a few over the years. :) It's nice to be appreciated and recognized!

L.J. Boldyrev said...

Congrats on the award! It looks pretty with your blue.

Shannon Delany said...

Jessica, I agree. It is very nice to be appreciated (and Janet's an awesome person which makes that appreciation even cooler in some ways).

Thanks, LJ. I do have a girlie side that definitely likes things of this sort (used to go to a nice tea house from time to time--there were two Victorian ones within a half hour's distance of where I grew up).

Take care, girls!

Janet Fox said...

You totally deserve this award, Shannon. Not only is your blog wonderful, but you are a true colleague.

Yes - I thought the award itself is really pretty, too! :)

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