Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lots on My Plate

I'm suddenly freakishly busy (again). Not only is it spring (as announced by our annual attendance at The Farmer's Museum's annual Sugaring Off (it's one of our few New York-specific traditions we indulge in--that and the annual paying of the school and farm taxes--yee-ouch! ;-).

My author photos seem to have been taken with some measure of success. (I do not believe myself to be photogenic--nor do many in my family line seem to be if one judges an old tintype we have of a Civil War-period relative.)

We've had more lambs (yay!) and are prepping fruit trees and gardens (argh) and DH is trying to get new fencing up before new birds arrive (this coming weekend--O.o).

I have a huge list of contest-related stuff to do in preparation for 13 to Life's launch, and the official series website should be up soon. I honestly believed it would be up by now, but evidently my concept takes more time than expected.

I'm trying to get my blog tour (one specific to how 13 to Life started, in a way) tightened up and organize the meetup of a group of awesome book bloggers and Class of 2k10 authors at BEA.

The rest of my to-do list includes reading for an MP3 thingee, finishing book 3, finishing my NaNo '09 project and building another few books (all unrelated to 13 to Life), doing my readings, signings, interviews and workshops prior to (and throughout book 1's release) and successfully stabbing my Highland bull Seamus in the rump with a powerful antibiotic (and NOT getting gored).

Fun, fun. ;-)

So, I'll probably not be around Twitter or the internet at all very often for a little while as I play a frantic game of catch-up (and NOT the yummy tomato, type).

Please keep following the Class of 2k10 through our website and blog.

Here are some things to be looking for (and looking forward to):
  1. Debut author Judith Graves is chatting with my recently discovered pals, The Mundie Moms over at their site Monday night at 9pm EST. If I survive shooting Seamus up with penicillin, *that's* where I hope to be hanging out afterward.
  2. The Reinvention of Edison Thomas was released earlier this month--check out some info about it here.
  3. Split was released earlier this month as well. Here's a link to some info on it and Swati's cool trailer!
  4. Have you commented on the Class of 2k10 Spring Break posts over at The Daily Dose? You have to comment on all ten (I think there will be a total of ten) to be eligible for the prize pail (so scroll down and backtrack a little) which includes a copy of SHADE and a $75 gift certificate (and SO much more).
  5. More recent Class of 2k10 news is here.
  6. April 19-25 I'll be a guest with Margay at
  7. April 24 I'll be part of Authorpalooza.
  8. And April 25th I'll be showing up in Ohio to do some cool stuff (workshops and panels) at RT Booklovers' Convention. If you're anywhere near Columbus, it's supposed to be an amazing event!
I sincerely hope you all are doing well and hitting your goals (and enjoying spring).

Take care!


Lynsey Newton said...

So when do we get to see the author portrait photo then Shannon?! Gosh, you're awfully busy aren't you! It's nice that you say hi every now and then though :) Glad things are going really well for you and I can't wait to read the book!

Gail Hart said...

Shannon - Congrats on being so busy, it's a sign of how successful you are! :-)