Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tracking 13 to Life

First let me say that I greatly appreciate everyone who has been supporting 13 to Life, even in small ways. A mention of it in a Goodreads group, adding it to Goodreads lists, mentioning or listing it on and Barnes and Noble... Adding it to your shelves at Librarything, signing up for the ARC contests, pre-ordering it, WoW-ing it, or mentioning it on your blogs--that rocks!

So, in honor of all you folks doing that for me, I'm maintaining a list of links here that show all the places I know 13 to Life has been mentioned (and I'm adding you each to my Delicious links). I hope this list continues to grow (and reaches insane proportions) and that it gives you each a little additional traffic by raising awareness of your blogs. Thanks so much for your support!

I am Your Wet Blanket (or Sandy Towel)... Part of The Class of 2k10's Spring Break celebration at The Daily Dose. Includes a prequel scene (and poetry--eek!).

On My Wishlist #8... At Ukkiwibookgirl's Blog. (The cover caught her attention--thank you, Ervin Serrano!)

2010 Debut Author Challenge... At the blog named A Journey of Books. This list goes in chronological order by release date, which I find cool.

2010 Debut Author Challenge List... At the blog named Written Word Review Blog. We're number 9 and right by Judith Graves' Under My Skin (she's a decent neighbor ;-).

Waiting for Wednesday #1
... Over at Courtney Reads. I'm sharing space with that Judith Graves character again, but, she's pretty cool. ;-)

2010 Debut Author Challenge
... At Kelly's Compositions (the list's in the right margin).

2010 Wishlist Book Montage... At Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm (right margin with lots of other cool-sounding books!).

I Joined the Challenge
... At DeNiSe MaDnEsS. 13 to Life tops her list (which is wonderfully flattering). I've tried to leave her a thank you comment, but for some reason I can't. :(

2010 Debut Author Challenge Book List
... At For What It's Worth (right margin).

13 TO LIFE spring widget
... At SpringWidgets thanks to AJourneyOfBooks.

Sneak Peek: 13 to Life by Shannon Delany
... At Book Reviews by Jess.

Waiting on Wednesday 17
... At I Should Be Writing.

Go Me! 2 Posts in 1 Day!... At SPPL Teens (listing some new books).

Trini's To-Read Book Montage... At A Book-lover's Review (left margin).

Fantastic News and Focused Saturday... At Jordan Deen: Young Adult Author

In My Mailbox (17)... At The Hiding Spot Sara's listed all the books she got in a single week (her haul blows my mind!). And the ARC of 13 TO LIFE's in there, too.

Books Being Anxiously Waited For
... At The Authoress (13 TO LIFE's topping the list in the right margin).

What I'm Reading Next... At Narratively Speaking (list on the right hand side).

13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale Info... At Books to Beg For (I love this blog's title and header image, btw!).

At Starlight Readers 13 to Life's listed on their 2010 Debut Books list.

2010 Book List... At The Librarian's Bookshelf on the "New Releases I Plan to Read."

Waiting on Wednesday
... At Narratively Speaking.

On Order (a list at A Life Bound By Books).

a cool scrolling list at Book Reviews by Jess (left column).

Authors to Follow on Twitter
... At For What It's Worth.

Up, Up & Away! at Class of 2k10

Online at (which makes me waaay happy!)

at The School Library Journal in Interesting Reader Society

Mundie Moms Writing 101... At Mundie Moms (a great group of readers and writers).

Paranormal/Supernatural Fever... At Moonlight Reviews.

WoW over at A Life Bound by Books (she says it looks like a must read--I agree ;-).

WoW over at A Blog About Nothing (<--read the blog's subtitle--it's far more than nothing! :-)


Cinnamon said...

Aw, thanks. It's pretty obvious that there is a lot of talk surrounding this book. The cover is fantastic and the story looks wonderful.

Shannon Delany said...

Thanks, Cinnamon. I'm glad you like the cover and I hope you truly enjoy the story! :-)

Jessica Kennedy said...

As always, can't wait to get my hands on this one! :)


Anonymous said...
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