Saturday, May 22, 2010

13 to Life: Fun and Free to You from Me

Sorry. Had a Seuss moment there.

Anyhow, here are a few fun ways you can enjoy 13 to Life before the book hits shelves June 22 (holy heck--that's only 1 month away from TODAY). While I focus on breathing, here are a couple things I hope you enjoy doing or checking out (during the next 30 days)...

Book cover puzzle of 13 to Life

Wolf and ARC puzzle for 13 to Life

Word Search #1 and #2 for 13 to Life

13 to Life Firefox Persona (Yep, shift your Firefox into a cool blue design--Hey, change can be werewolves would tell you ;-).

How about some blog bling?

Have you checked out all the excerpts and prequels I've thrown around the internet already?

Here are links to them in the order I'd suggest reading them:

On Christmas Day
(featuring the eldest Rusakova in Moscow prior to the events of 13 to Life).

Spring Poetry Assignment (a prequel scene involving some of the main female characters in 13 to Life) Skip the first few paragraphs of me yammering on about my spring breaks (I mean, *that's* not why you wanna go there) and you'll be thrown into the Junction High cafeteria with Jess, Amy and Sarah.

You can peek inside the novel for an early excerpt (when Pietr and Jess first meet) at the BEA New Titles Shelf.

This is an audio excerpt. Got 16 minutes? You can hear a bit of 13 to Life in progress, not long after Pietr and Jess have met.

Homecoming Hell (an excerpt of the actual soon-to-be-released novel). This gives you a peek into the narrator (Jess's) head partway through the novel.

Hope you enjoy!


Heather said...

You've made my Sunday! I'm off to click on all the links and add the bling to my blog!

Shannon Delany said...

Yay! That makes my day! Enjoy!