Thursday, May 27, 2010

BEA Madness--Utter Madness!

I'm exhausted and have been for days. I know I said I'd be updating my blog during BEA so you could all follow along... Well... Maybe that's what NYC does to a person: Makes you more realistic. ;-)

Anyhow, I hope to tell you about my adventures soon (and post pictures soon, too--new camera--don't wanna botch the job or...break the camera) but I have one more day of BEA today, a library chat and then--ZOOM! Back on the train to home! Then we're going to start some awesome contests as the month of June kicks off with werewolfy goodness from all sides!

Here's howling at you, kids! ;-)
(from the dreadfully cramped yet oh-so-educational hostel)


Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

Gah! My last comment got lost in cyber space somewhere. Sheesh.

Glad you had fun and happy to see the Marshmellow man didn't get yall on your ghost (busters) tour. Its so obvious I am an 80's baby. I use to wish I was in New York so when the marshmellow man exploded I could...okay I am rambling now. I'm delirious from staying up too late writing.


Shannon Delany said...

LOL! The Ghost Tour was awesome and the Ghostbusters movie DID come up. :D Now go get some rest, Casse. *hugs*


Heather said...

Sounds like BEA was a lot of fun! The idea of the New York pace of life is a bit intimidating I've got to admit! I'll get a taste of it next month at the NYC Pitch conference *eekk!*. Can't wait to see the pictures you took!