Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do The Write Thing for Nashville

I'm not really *here* today, but I wanted to mention something very briefly. You most likely know that Nashville, Tennessee recently got hit really hard by devastating floods. The RWA convention I was going to be at was moved to Orlando and I have no idea how the Nashville Public Library (where I was arranging to be a guest speaker for teens) is doing.

A group of authors decided to step up and help Nashville by hosting a charity auction. It's called Do the Write Thing for Nashville and there are lots of amazing things being offered by authors, editors and agents alike!

I also pitched in with an ARC of 13 to Life, some swag and the winning bidder named in the Acknowledgments in book 2 of the series. The bidding's going on now and I encourage you to pop over and bid on something you want or could really use (there are manuscript critiques up for bid, too).

So do something for Nashville and yourself and bid!



That is awesome!

Shannon Delany said...

Thank you, hon! I'm very excited to help (and they've gotten some really amazing people involved--very proud of their hard work)!

Have an awesome day!

Deanna Larson said...

Nashville Public Library is sad to miss you, but thank you all for organizing this generous fundraiser on our city's behalf!

Shannon Delany said...

Deanna, I hope to eventually make it to Nashville Public Library one way or the other. Thinking about it now, maybe this time (if they're up for it) I'll Skype in (since we were thinking about a discussion on technology and teens anyhow).

Thanks so much for stopping by--glad to do whatever I can!