Tuesday, May 4, 2010

13 Things I Learned at RT BOOKlovers Convention

The 13 Things I Learned (and in some cases remembered) thanks to RT BOOKlovers Convention in Columbus, Ohio:

1.) That misspelling the person’s name in the very first book you sign can still be salvaged as long as you’re willing to embrace your inner dorkdom. Me? Totally embraced it. Sorry, Laurie, but at least that 13 to Life ARC is truly a collectible.

2.) That frozen cheesecake is not to be tolerated. Only fresh and regionally baked cheesecake is acceptable. Just ask Keri Stevens.

3.) That authors will come together to support each other whenever they can. You have an issue? We try to put our noggins together and form a battle plan. Just ask Jeri Smith-Ready.

4.) That authors are a friendly sort who like to invite people to meals at Schmidt’s in the German Village. Just ask Tes Hilaire, Kris Tualla and Erin Kellison.

5.) That hunky guys still have good hearts and strong feelings. Just ask Mr. Romance 2009, Charles Paz.

6.) That sometimes, when people are dancing with guys who are oiled up (not only vampires are sparkly under the right light, m’dears ;-) it’s not always a good idea for an author to shake an eager fan’s hand. Just ask Ann Aguirre.

7.) That as harsh as this business can be (and it can be, believe me) most of the people involved in it are still trying to do the right thing for authors and readers alike. Just ask Kathryn Falk, Morgan Doremus, Whitney (oh-my-gosh I don’t know Whitney’s last name!), Elissa Petruzzi and the rest of the RT convention staff.

8.) That when authors can’t make it to an event, they try to help someone else who can make it benefit from their absence. Just ask Liane Gentry Skye.

9.) That authors totally get the strength in numbers thing and will invite fellow authors to kick butt events. Just ask folks like Lucienne Diver, Mari Mancusi and Stacey Kade.

10.) That there are many colors (and patterns—oh man, no patterns!) you should never wear on video or television. Just ask Morgan Doremus. (Unfortunately most of the things she named as a no-no inhabit my dresser and closet. Oy.)

11.) That even running an event as big as RT BOOKlovers, people are still humble and grateful. Just ask me about Jo Carol Jones and Kate Ryan.

12.) That there is still much to be learned, no matter what level author you are in the funky food chain which is publishing. Just ask.

13.) That volunteers, booksellers and librarians are the backbone of this great industry and should be thanked often.

Just ask anyone.

Hope everyone enjoyed RT as much as I did!

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Thanks for the wonderful buttons and swag! Now I just have to get my hands on 13 to Life :O)

It was wonderful to meet you. I lurve me some blow in the dark paw power!

Linda~ the short one lol