Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Change is Good--Ask a Werewolf CONTEST

Let's start with the good stuff.

The prize. 1 box. 11 books (yes, that's changed--11!). 1 winner!

Signed copies of the following:
Mistwood by Leah Cypess
Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne
Dark of the Moon by Rachel Hawthorne
Shadow of the Moon by Rachel Hawthorne
13 to Life by ME!

Unsigned, but still way cool!
The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong (hardcover)
The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong (hardcover)
Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

There are rumors I'm getting 2 more books you'll love via post (ultra-soon) but I haven't seen 'em, so I can't mention them. Yet.

So. For now, 11 books! 1 box. 1 winner. This absolutely kills me, but for this one, I have to keep it to a winner in the USA. I apologize to my international followers, but shipping this weight abroad would be too much for me right now.

Contest closes July 15***, 2010 at 11:59 pm. Winner will be determined July 16 and the box will ship the week following.

You're probably asking:

How do I win, Shannon?

That's an excellent question! I want you to be creative! Writing and art are some of the coolest forms of self-expression (for me personally) and I love to encourage you to express your creativity! We're doing a point system, so you EARN these books. Simply, the winner has the most points earned and tallied up here (counted correctly--you may re-tally as you earn more points) before July 9 at 11:59 pm. I'm hoping this contest gives a little something for everyone!

Photographers and Videographers and Fans of Eclipse:

75 points--Take a picture with 13 to Life in a small town setting or a setting that makes you think of small town America.

100 points--Take a picture of you with swag you've already gotten from me!

850 points--Do a video (from 45 seconds to 3 minutes in length) that is titled "This is Junction" about your perception of small town America--only use royalty free/public domain images and music because I may want to share it with everyone.

850 points--Do a book trailer (45 seconds to 2 minutes) for 13 to Life using royalty free/public domain images and music.

750 points--Do a book trailer (45 seconds to 2 minutes) for Mistwood using royalty free/public domain images and music.

250 points--Take a picture of YOU (or a friend) reading 13 to Life while waiting in line at Eclipse. [You can earn points for each additional photo of each of your different friends reading the book or posing with it at Eclipse.] We have to see something in the picture that lets us know you're at Eclipse (Team Jacob!!!).

100 points--Take a picture of your Eclipse ticket as a bookmark in 13 to Life (we have to see enough of the ticket or stub to know it's for Eclipse).


150 points--Create a mini playlist for a scene in 13 to Life using either or You must use at least 3 different songs for this one and identify the scene (to avoid spoilers, you can write in what page it starts on and ends on) and link to it in your comment/tally here. [You can use this option for up to 5 different scenes.]

450 points--Create a playlist for the entire 13 to Life book. There will be some songs that are alluded to in the Homecoming Dance that I'd love to see in your list. When you finish, link to it in your tally comment.

150 points--Make a mini playlist (3-5 songs) that reflects what you hope (or fear) will happen in book 2 of the series, Secrets and Shadows. Link it to your tally comment.

650 points--Compose a song for 13 to Life (and allow Shannon to use it in video, etc.).


350 points--Design an alternate cover for 13 to Life.

450 points--Design a cover for Secrets and Shadows (book 2 in the 13 to Life series).

550 points--Do a creative interpretation of some moment or scene in 13 to Life in the illustrative style of Ivan Bilibin.

350 points--Turn one scene from 13 to Life into a comic strip.

150 points each--Do a character sketch of Pietr, Jess, Max, Alexi, Cat, Amy, Derek, Sarah, Sophie, Wanda, Mrs. Feldman, Jess's dad, Annabelle Lee, Stella Martin, Rio, Hunter or Maggie.

Creative Writers:

650 points--Write a fan fiction side story or scene (1,000-5,000 words) involving at least one character from 13 to Life. Try to maintain the proper voice of the individual characters and the integrity of the setting.

250 points--Write a short essay about a change you had to deal with in life that worried you but didn't turn out so bad after all.

750 points--Take a chapter from 13 to Life and write it in a play or screenplay format.

450 points--Take a section of 13 to Life (3-5 pages long originally) and rewrite it as a poem.

Language Fanatics and Literature fans:

350 points--Write a short essay on why you believe Pietr has issues with Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. What things about that play might be especially frustrating to teen readers in today's society?

350 points--Translate the basic summary or back cover blurb for 13 to Life into a foreign language you are familiar with and post it on your site (link us to it through your tally comment).

450 points--Look at the list of books Sarah devoured during the course of 13 to Life and write a brief essay explaining why you think she read each one in that particular order and what our choice in reading may or may not say about our state of mind (link us through your tally comment). Tell us what predictions you might make about Sarah's future behavior based on what she's read.

250 points--Answer Shakespeare's question voiced through Juliet: What's in a name? Do names hold a certain power? Do we judge people based on what they are called by others or how they refer to themselves? Write a brief essay answering those questions and leave us a link to it.

250 points--Jess is very inspired by her teacher, Mr. Miles. Write a brief real life essay or fictional story about a teacher who inspired you (or a character you make up) to dig deeper and examine multiple possibilities.

Those with Talents Thus Far Unrecognized Above:

150 points--Jess lives a busy life and often gets saddled with chores involving cooking since the absence of her mother. Write up a recipe a teen or tween could easily and safely make for a meal (or a salad or dessert) that Jess would probably like.

100 points--Get over to and cast 13 to Life using your imagination and knowledge of actors and actresses--ignore my old cast--think for yourself! (Can be retroactive.)

75 points--Make an account on using the Log In form. This'll allow you to keep up to date on what's happening in the series and related to book signings, chats and contests (can be retroactive).

75 points--Be one of Shannon's fans on her Facebook fanpage (can be retroactive).

50 points--For each of your friends you get to the Facebook fanpage (claim them in the comment when you're tallying points).

50 points--If you follow this blog (can be retroactive).

I will probably add a few more options tomorrow (and another prize or two) and the points will get listed tomorrow, too. The contest officially begins now, though, so get to thinkin'. Got questions? Ask in the comments.

Remember, I'll want to share your work with my crazy little corner of the world, so do something you'll be proud of, be unique and show me how creative you can be! I am VERY much looking forward to seeing what you can do!


***This is a change, giving you 6 more days to get creative! It's so freakishly hot right now I can't imagine anyone getting much done, so I'm hoping this helps you get those creative juices flowing (and not just more sweat)!


Jessica said...

So do we submit out entries to you via email? And then leave a comment tallying our points?

Or do we leave our entries in the comments? How would that work though? Like leaving a link to an essay or pic. I'm not technology apt. So just trying to think how to do such a thing.

Shannon Delany said...

Hi Jessica! Great question! I'd love for you to post your entries on your own site and link back here from there as well, but if you can't, you can email me your entries at info [at]shannondelany {dot} com (you still need to tally your points here)and I'll share everything people submitted at the contest's end.


Ale said...

hello mrs.Shannon this is a dumb question but i really dont get what you mean by tallying the points on your blog or how you do it.

Lexie said...
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Lexie said...
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Lexie said...
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Cade Crowley said...

I can't post a point total yet, since I'm not done, but I'm linking to everything I do for the contest on this post on my blog:

I fanned the Facebook page (email:, follow the blog (Cade Crowley), and registered for your website (Cade).

Lexie said...
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Lexie said...
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Shannon Delany said...

Ale, good question! You can just leave a list of your links and the points that they've earned you here in a comment and add them up ("tally" them).


nymfaux said...

YOU CHANGED THE DATE?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?

Don't know whether to be freaked out or relieved, because I've been working massively crazy on this contest! I was up 'til like 4 in the morning working on some of those essays...I'm just saying I'm dedicated, that's all ;)

I was/am planning to send you an email, but I'm posting everything on my blog, too

I was so excited to be ALMOST done, and now I know I won't be able to stop myself from doing MORE....

This is the BEST/most horrible/AWESOME contest EVER!!!!

littletinkerbell1995 said...

Hi,Mrs.Delany! this is everything i did, i sent all my work through email because i dont have a blog(sorry).ILOVEPIETRandMAX!!!!!!

Picture reading 13 to life at eclipse 250Picture of eclipse ticket in book 100Desighn alternet cover for 13 to life 350Desighn cover for Secrets and Shadows 450Creative interpretation fom scene drawn 550Turn 13 to life into comic strip 350Character scetches 150x17 2,550A short essay on a change 250Translate summery on back into diffrent language 350Turn a chapter into play 750Easy dessert 150Shakespears question Whats in a name? 250Account made on + 75---------------------- =6,425

Lexie said...

Okay here is the final post list:

My first essay about 'A Change in My Life' can be found right here.
My second essay "What's in a Name?" can be found right here.
My Teen Friendly Recipe 'Mighty Fine Stew' can be found right here.
My 13 to Life Soundtrack can be found right here.
My Inspirational Teacher Essay can be found right here.
My Sarcastic Sunday feature can be found right here.
My 13 to Life parody can be found right here.
My Romeo and Juliet and Issues Essay can be found right here.
My Life Imitating Reading Essay can be found right here.
My Screenplay Snippet can be found right here.
My fanfiction View from Sarah can be found right here.

Total: 3772*
my only variable is the 'parody' since its not an actual listed category, but something I made up. ::shrugs::


Lexie said...

Also non-essay/post related point earners:
--shannon's fan on facebook
--(joined Shannon
--blog follower

I already factored them into the point total however.


Cade Crowley said...

Came out to 3825 points, if my math is right. Link in my first comment.

nymfaux said...

I don't want to *jinx* myself by posting my final tally quite yet...besides, there's always a possibility of doing some more tomorrow...but here's a link to everything I've been posting on my blog:

nymfaux said...

Hi!!!! Ok, I have officially done everything I could possibly do to win this contest...coming in with a grand total of 9750 points*

You can check out all my entries at my blog post:

can't wait to see everyone's entries!!!!

*I also did a couple things like blog a review, post reviews on goodreads & Barnes&Noble, follow @Shannon_Delany on twitter, and tweet about the said you might count extra entries, so I don't know if they count or not

nymfaux said...

just checking back!--I was really curious how the contest turned out--It was a lot of fun, and I've been looking forward to seeing what kind of entries people put in!