Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Detour on the Serial Tour! Welcome to My Den!

Okay, so today the Serial Tour ran into its first real bump.

And so.

Here we are. ;-)

Today's snippets of 13 to Life are (stitched together for your convenience):

“Go ahead,” Amy urged with a nod, her eyebrows tugged together in the gravest of expressions. Almost across from me Sophia dabbed at her mouth with a napkin — her signal she was bowing out of the discussion. She went out with Derek once in sixth grade and never again. She wouldn’t talk about it. Ever.

A tray clicked down at the one open spot at our table — directly in front of me. "What don't you get?" a male voice asked coolly.

I looked up and groaned.

Pietr had found me. He sat down casually, ignoring the frowns of his throng as they were forced to find other seats.

I tried to ignore him, but Sophia's eyes slid wisely from him to me and back again. “Sophia,” I pointed to her. “Pietr.” I pointed to him. “Sarah. Pietr.” Again I jabbed a finger in their directions.

Amy didn’t wait for an introduction. “I’m Amy,” she said. “I hear you’re Pietr.”

Tomorrow I hope the Serial Tour will be back on track. :-) Hope you all are still having fun reading along! Oh! And, I made a little something for you all today (no, not a trivet built of elbow macaroni--and almost as useful ;-).

Have a great night!



Tabitha Michelle said...

I cannot wait to read 13 to Life! I'm so excited!

Bookaholic (Jessica) said...

Loved the video :) Can't wait to read the book!

SiNn said...

loved the video anddd i cant wiat to read this ur snippets make me want tor ead it even more

donnas said...

Great video. Looking forward to the release!!

Anne said...

Love the video!! only a few more days and the book is mine!! Cant wait!

Christinabean said...

Cool video! Just a few more days until your release date! Can't wait!

Jenny N. said...

The video just got me excited about the book all over agian.

Katie said...

Beautiful video!

Alessandra @Out of the Blue said...

Nice video. I love the soundtrack.

Jessica said...

Awesome video!

skyla11377 said...

The video was really cute. but seriously 13 To Life really needs to be in my hands now so i can start read it....^_^.

nymfaux said...

BY FAR--best book trailer I've seen!!!