Monday, June 14, 2010

Great Big Book Giveaway! Ghost and the Goth ARC

I have a great ARC from the fabulous Stacey Kade (not only a talented author but also a very, very wonderful woman), making her debut into YA with a terrific novel entitled The Ghost and the Goth. I have an ARC of The Ghost and the Goth that is looking for a great home. I'm hoping the winner of this ARC goes on to buy the book (releasing June 29th!), if for no other reason than the finished book has a really great cover and the ARC is simply gloss red with text!

To win, you must answer all three questions correctly and be the first person to get the answers into my inbox at info [at] shannondelany {dot} com .


So, here are the questions:

1.) First, about 13 to Life (releasing June 22): Who is identified in the first chapter (available to read online thanks to my publisher and their adorable site) as being Pietr's brother?
2.) About The Ghost and the Goth: The ghost mentioned in the title of Stacey Kade's debut YA novel is the ghost of which person...?
3.) About author Stacey Kade: As a child, Stacey once wrote about a necklace that had what special power?

Good luck!


Tynga said...

Great contest =)
I already have an ARC, and the book is great! I already Pre-ordered my finish copy =D

Shannon Delany said...

Remember--answers need to be emailed to me--please don't post them here. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Great contest! I can't wait to read this one, it sounds amazing.

Spav said...

Did anyone already won?