Thursday, June 17, 2010

Great Big Book Giveaway: Hell Week!

Sometimes an an author, you feel like you're being hazed... Which has little to do with my giveaway of Rosemary Clement-Moore's signed--yes, signed--copy of HELL WEEK. In it, Maggie Quinn is back to do battle against evil!

I had the pleasure of meeting Rosemary at RWA in DC and I'm glad I get to give away some of her books as we approach 13 to Life's release date. She's a writer who helps other writers whenever she can--and that rocks!

Okay, like the other contests here thus far, we're doing 3 questions, 1 winner for one book. FIRST PERSON TO GET THE ANSWERS CORRECT AND IN MY INBOX ( info [at] shannondelany {dot} com ) WINS!

1.) About 13 to Life: 13 to Life is the first novel in a series released on what day and date by what publisher?
2.) About Hell Week: Who does Maggie Quinn go undercover as to infiltrate sorority rush?
3.) About Rosemary Clement-Moore: What's Rosemary's Twitter handle (you should follow her while you're there, too)?

Good luck!

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