Thursday, June 17, 2010

Great Big Book Giveaway: Highway to Hell!

One more time, kids, I have the privilege of putting a signed copy of a book by Rosemary Clement-Moore up for grabs here! HIGHWAY TO HELL is another Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil novel. And it can be yours!

3 questions, 1 winner for 1 book. Answers must be correct and in my inbox at info [at] shannondelany {dot} com first to win the book--and some of you guys are definitely speedsters!

The questions:
1.) In 13 to Life, Jessie Gillmansen lives on what sort of property?
2.) About HIGHWAY TO HELL: Where is Maggie's spring break destination supposed to be?
3.) About Rosemary Clement-Moore: What is the third tv show listed on Rosemary's list of favorites (proving she has great taste!)?

Good luck!

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