Friday, June 11, 2010

Great Big Book Giveaway!

WOOT! Kelly won yesterday's giveaway (only 10 minutes after the contest posted here) of the FORGIVE MY FINS arc and so we have a brand new contest today!

All the rest of this month I'll be giving away ARCs (advanced reader copies) and finished books here.
And starting on June 14th I'll start giving away different books on the Facebook Fanpage. Then, on June 15, I'll start giving away a book a day on Twitter. 99.9% of the books I'm giving away were NOT written by me. They are (mostly) YA paranormals, brand-spanking-new from a massive contest I somehow won in Ohio. Some are even signed.

Before we get started--I'll be on Blog Talk Radio tomorrow (Saturday, June 12) at 11 am EST (fresh from my son's t-ball game!) with the fabulous and fun Barry Eva (author of Across the Pond). Please, please, please call in (347-237-5398) or (if you can't do that) pop into the type-driven chat box on the site and ask me a question. I'll gladly talk about 13 to Life, writing a series (and writing in general),, life on a small farm in upstate New York, what I've learned about publishing thus far and... Well, pretty much anything. ;-)

Briefly--a little more video fun I had with 13 to Life. :D Hey! I get bored easily. ;-)

NOW. The real reason you're here (I know, I know) FREE BOOKS!!!

Today I've got the recent paperback release of Melissa Marr's FRAGILE ETERNITY up for grabs--this is the one with the new short story inside, so even if you have the hardcover (which I do--and I don't buy many hardcovers) this is a great addition to your shelf. This is the third book in Melissa's Wicked Lovely series.

Remember. To win, you need to answer all three questions correctly, and get them into my email info [at] shannondelany {dot} com before anyone else does.

The questions:

1.) About 13 To LIFE: What is the (first and last) name of the narrator of 13 TO LIFE and what's the name of her hometown?

2.) About Melissa Marr: Melissa Marr has taught what two subjects to college students across the country?

3.) About FRAGILE ETERNITY: What did Keenan steal from Aislinn to make her a monarch?

Good luck!



Cleverly Inked said...

Lots of fun.. Congrats to the winner of the previous contest

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Congrats to the winner! Lol, 10 minutes is CRAZY FAST. :D

Khelsea @ One upon a review said...

Dang that's pretty fast! Congrats!