Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shifting into High Gear: Author Jordan Deen's Three Words for The Crescent

This month we're Shifting into High Gear in recognition of so many shifter and werewolf novels hitting shelves this summer. Yes, mine launches June 22, but 13 to Life will be running amidst quite a pack of YA paranormal releases (and there are already some awesome ones out!).

And, of course, there's that movie based on that popular series of novels... What was it called again... Oh, yeah--ECLIPSE!

Jordan Deen, author of The Crescent, a werewolf YA novel that's earned her recognition in the International Book awards, is back today to tell us what three words she'd use to describe The Crescent and why those three.

Jordan: This is a tough question! I’d say The Crescent is: 1) confusing 2) heartbreaking 3) convoluted.
  1. The first because there are so many different storylines going on between the two werewolf worlds (The Amanas and the Mares) that she [Lacey] doesn’t truly know what is going on all the time and what is real or not. One of the boys from the Amanas brings her these dreams that makes her question her sanity, while the boy from the Mares brings her real life and true experiences. It’s very hard for her to tell which is better than the other.
  2. The power struggle between Lacey’s heart and her head makes the story heartbreaking. The situation and conflict she is faced with is one that we’ve all had to face before and I think most readers won’t want to make the decision either. (I know I didn’t!)
  3. The third is because as the story weaves through the power struggle of the Amanas and the Mares, their true intentions are hidden from Lacey and the reader. There are many questions left unanswered in the first novel that will be answered in the second (Half Moon) and the third (Full Moon) novels.
Sounds like lots of neat details interweave to create the series! To learn more about Jordan Deen and her series, pop over here or here.

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Join us again tomorrow for more from Jordan Deen--she'll answer questions about writing and publishing!


Kitty Keswick said...

Great interview! Thanks for kicking off Werewolf Month!

Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

I need there to be a YA book pause. I am never going to catch up on my adult tbr pile if yall keep releasing these awesome YA paranormals. I can't believe I was never a werewolf girl...looking at my bookself now you would not be able to tell.


Shannon Delany said...

Hi Kitty! Thanks for stopping in and supporting Werewolf Month and Shifting into High Gear over at the Wolfy Chicks blog! You and Judith rock!

Casse--I'm so glad you've been converted to a wolf girl! (And I know what you mean about needing a pause button!) I just started giving away (and loaning out) my adult reads because I won't get to them for months now!

Take care, girls!